Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wake Me Up When September Ends

This week has been crazy, had a pretty good pday. got a few ties then tuesday we had a zone conference and everyday everything continues to change my mission and life! I learned a lot about the spirit and just our life, there was a scripture that was shared. 1nefi4:6 it was a huge game changer for me. there are so many things that are possible through the spirit. Nefi was led by the spirit not knowing anything before. It really gives me hope in having success and being able to reach out to everyone. with the spirit you are able to see so much more. this place is beautiful! by the way elder barnett turned 19 on thursday.. well wednesday night we were riding home at the end of the day and i saw a skatepark and decided to stop so i could ride my bike off a jump. well i stopped and mijo ran into my handle bars going pretty fast and fell right to the ground way hard. i look at him like "what were you doing man?' this lady pulls up all worried asking if hes alright..and got a little upset cause i wasnt helping him. but me being how i am wasnt going to help him cause ive seen people wreck all the time and idk they just need to pick themselves up.. thats when the spirit hit me..i picked up the bike off of him and helped him up.. idk it may sound weird but it really changed a lot for me. just having more and more love everyday. be nice! the next day was his birthday and it was awesome!
i dont really have much to say this week. just be humble guys. please.
last p-day dig
had a big fat meal and a member gave us more ties...it was a good day.
multiple cakes for mijo
weslaco zone asian buffet lunch!

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