Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jehova Es Mi Pastor

pretty interesting week. i dont know why but lately ive been feeling a little lost but not at the same time. i just really want to get this area like my last one in Laredo. the work goes on. I went to my first MLC, its a meeting where all the leaders of the mission get together and have a training by presidente torres and we talk about last month and what we are going to do to prepare for the following months. I saw E.Birrell and my papi it was super good. the work has changed immediately since that meeting. its been so crazy!! we have been blessed with so many miracles of random people walking up to us as we are on the street and people calling us over to teach them. i gave a training to the zone about following your leaders and it all comes down to being humble. presidente said the first step to apostasy is talking bad about your leaders. our heavenly father is great and as we are humble and obedient we will see miracles. Mijo has been good just a little sick as he gets used to the valley reest.. He has so much animo for everything!

Connie May was baptized. I probably havent said much about her but acosta and I were teaching her, last year her family was baptized and her dad had been battling cancer for a while and was the first of the family to be baptized and then the rest of the family followed except connie May. a few months after the father was baptized he passed away. with his only desire that connie may would become a member. fast forward to the end of july. she came to church out of no where with her boyfriend who was a member. right off the bat she wanted to be baptized and knew everything was true. she asked to be baptized on the 3rd cause thats her fathers birthday. it was honestly a super great service there was like 50+ people there, friends and family. it was really a great experience. Now her and her boyfriend are going to get married. COMPLETED FAMILIES!! it was awesome! and last night this random women pulled up to us while we were on bikes and asked for a pamphlet and wants us to teach her family! god is good and to be honest mercedes is a super interesting and weird city but i love it! i dont know what else to say.. yeah!!
be safe out there!
Live at the dive

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