Monday, October 3, 2016

Something More

It was near the end of the night and we were a little lost, there was many places we wanted to go. i told barnett to follow the spirit and show me the way. we rode down a couple streets and then we stopped to say a prayer for guidance and then we rode down one street and stopped in front of the house and barnett looks at me and says he doesn't know. i tell him.. just listen to the spirit.. we sit there for a second and i feel that we should go into this house we were in front of. i waited for barnett and then he decides we should go into the house we were in front of. we knock the door and this lady opens and says "what can i help you with?" we tell her we have an important message from the lord for her and her family. she invited us in and we start getting to know her and she tells us she is losing faith in god and christ cause she feels they are being forgotten in this world. I tell her she is not forgotten and that he loves her greatly. we then ask if she has ever prayed and she said no. we teach her how to pray and asked her to pray right then and there and ask God for his love and help. she started praying for her husband and children and as she is praying she just breaks out into tears...and couldnt finish.. i know without a doubt she felt gods love. we could feel it as she was praying. He loves us greatly and is eager to hear our voice and how we are doing. dont be that stubborn teenager that doesnt talk to their parents. take some time, kneel by your bed and just talk to him. He loves you. I know we were guided to that hermanas house for a reason. be humble and embrace the fact you cant do everything on your own. this last transfer was pretty interesting i feel like i have transformed into some sort of Pharisee. im being completely honest. ive slowly forgotten about one of the greatest things of all and its charity. this one day i felt completely off everything was just dragging.. i found myself praying to the lord for help. we went out to work and just wasnt good. we headed back to our apartment and gave eachother blessings adn we went back out. the day goes on and we visit an investigator and we visit with him and its all good then at the end he tells us that he wants to write a letter to our superiors to tell them that we are doing a good job and that he truly appreciates us serving..he was almost in tears.. the lord answers prayers in many ways. the things that Renee said really changed everything for us.
stuff that happened this week.
mijo fell off of his bike again, this time over the handle bars.
theres killer clowns out here and everyone keeps telling us to watch out or they'll get us. they discovered that there was a hobo living in the attic of the weslaco chapel for about a year and they just barely found him.. ha que loco
conference was good, ive never been so pumped for conference in my life. hope you all had a chance to see it or hear it. thats pretty much it.

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