Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Turn Around

its been a great week, Randy came to church and he loved it. He's a metal head and ahh things are great but he came and really wants to get the rest of his family there! we had interviews with presidente torres they went super good. i got an MRI of my brain it was honestly the first and best nap ive ever had so far. ive been learning the importance of teacher elders with the scriptures more. like more in depth.. you can relate it to swimming on the surface of water, then there is snorkling.. and then there is scuba diving.. and to be honest scuba diving with the scriptures is the best way. went on an exchange with one of my zls, it was the best and helped a lot. man counseling just helps so much. i had feelings of anxiety at the beginning of the week and idk how to explain it but things just work out the way they are supposed to. my district had been helping out the sisters in our branch in a play of the parable of the 10 virgins, i never thought that i would ever be a town crier. it was by far the weirdest experience.
we were visiting with our investigator Tony for the 2nd time we were visiting and shareing a lesson and then he stopped us.. and said.."do you know why jesus sent you here? he sent you to baptize me and save me. i want to be baptized" we were both like woahhhh. he's come a long way and ahh just has that desire that we should all have. im sorry guys but i think thats all, every week is crazy! i miss you all. have a great week.
one of my good friends Elder Prieto got transfered mid transfer, we were all super sad so we had a little service for him..
 juice made from parsley, it smelled like grass but tasted like awesome.
south texas scenery (nada)

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