Friday, December 2, 2016

There Is A Green Hill Far Away 11/21/16

soooooo a ton has happened since i got transferred. I am now serving in Beeville, its about 3 and a half hours north of my last area. i have another greenie, Gunderson, he's very green and still 18. the ward is small about 37 people at church its sick! our area is at the very top of the mission. I drove up here with an Elder Moser he's my new zl and the first night we went shopping and then went to the ER cause Gunderson had a sharp pain in his side, come to find out his appendix ruptured the day before. so we spent the night in the hospital and the next day he got surgery an all went well. I came to be with zls in Sinton which is a half hour from my area, while gunderson recovered. Brother Muhammad from Portland is their ward mission leader and i got to spend some time with him he is planning on going to the temple soon to be sealed to his family and wants Anderson (my papi) and i to comp later got transferred to a hospital in corpus cause there was some complications and stuff but he is doing better and i will be with the zone leaders for the week..

sooo when this transferred first began while i was still in Mercedes my dad alex anderson texted me asking where i was being transferred i told him Sinton Zone, a long time ago i heard through a grape vine of missionaries that our converts Victor and Marissa from when i was a greenie movied from portland to sinton. and the church and everyone lost contact with them.. well when i told my dad where i was going beevile( which is in sinton zone) i told him i would try and find victor and marissa even though i will be a half hour away. my comp Gunderson went to corpus with Moser to the hospital so ive been with my other zl Hodgsen in sinton. as we've been visiting random people. ive been asking if they know a victor olvera, no luck.. but its like 7 at night and super ark. and we walk by this house that has a truck pulled up and we are walking by and i say wait.. theres a guy in that truck and i know who it is. i walk up to it and its victor and marissa!! i just hug him through the window with tears in my eyes. they cant believe its me and i cant believe its them!! the lord really puts you where you are meant to be. I missed them so much! its almost been a year since i last saw them. its sooo unreal!! AHHHHHH:) milagros!!

we drove through portland yesterday to go get Moser form corpus and it really made me truncky for my greenie area.
miracles packing.
poor dude
sleepover in the hospital
trio power!!
moser playing dead for some vultures
yeah baby car pic of the week.
humble abode
corpus bridge!
the tortilla is for my dad. 

just another thing id like to add. is just spiritual progression.. the atonement is God's gift to us. the devils greatest tool is despair, never feel too far gone, thats a lie. anybody can change. we need to live in the way that the lord can use us. all He cares about is what direction we are going. start now, pray and set up your day spiritually. i know im a missionary and all but you might want to ask yourself.. what does the lord want me to do? there are many times i ask myself that.. start today and change. be good okay. ive been a square for quite some time, i just need to relax and be myself. thanks for the support.

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