Friday, December 2, 2016

Guerilla Radio 11/30/16

its been a pretty wild ride this last week. i had my first district meeting with sisters. pretty weird. a lot has been going on. my compa was in the hospital since i met him and a couple days ago he was finally discharged from the hospital and yesterday we took him to the airport and he went home to recover. i spent the last 2 days with him in the hospital, thats why i wasnt able to write on monday. to be honest it was pretty sad seeing him go. I'll be in sinton with my zone leaders. it just feels weird now,, but the work moves on. so on thanksgiving we went to Portland and had a turkey bowl with corpus zone it was super fun and nice to see everyone. Im starting to realize i dont know any of the younger missionaries, i was thinking they were members from the ward haha.. its strange and i guess im just getting old.. so sad. later we went to 4 big appointments back to back.. ive never been so full in my life. i could barely eat at each of them. i used to be able to eat more. whats happening to me. these weeks have been going by faster and faster. i dont even know anymore.. the mission is my home. we had a zone meeting before i went to be with my compa gunderson. i was reading in the scriptures that morning and there was a part that talked about the people being blessed based on their desires and i thought for a second.. what do i desire? more charity, stronger connection with the spirit, know that my offering is being accepted.. and i learned that im not giving the spirit enough credit.theres moments ive seen with other missionaries and even in myself we just do something like a reflex and we dont realize we are following the spirit. its crazy and really brought me comfort and answered things that were on my mind. listen to the spirit and give thanks. ive realized the spirit has helped me so much. i also found out i'll be able to go to the temple in a few weeks with a recent convert. que dope right!! andale!! ohh also Felipe got baptize on sunday!! woot woot. marine veteran!! yeah!!

skate and destroy yo..the mission is awesome. i dont know what else to say.

one question for all of you. what do you want to hear from me? what do you guys want?

i wont be able to send pictures for a while cause these computers suck.

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