Monday, December 5, 2016

La Neblina

another crazy week, so yeah gundy went home. went to this super dope buffet called butter churn, its way good. had mlc and got my recommend renewed and in that interview my president told me that i was getting a new comp. elder messinger, he's a little bit older than me in the mission and super dope, we are almost the exact same so we kinda feel that we wont be together for to long. thats usually how it works out. so i finally got to work in beeville, and its pretty super fun. the ward is fulllll of old people. there are 6 kids in the primary and more than half is just from one family. funny story, so we are getting to know all of the members and we went to visit this family yesterday and we get there and the mom is making food, then while we are sitting in the living room theres a knock at the door and 3 random teenage girls walk in.. we were all like hello.! and the sister says soo im guessing my husband hasnt told you want i do and then she tells the girls to go in the back.... i look at my comp and we are thinking like what the heck.. haha come to find out that the sister gives piercings then we sat and watched this girl get her nose pierced hahah it was kinda funny and then we had home made beef stew it was dope. oh and she has only been a member since april, the family is a huge fan of korn and slipknot, we got along super well. something that ive learned is that god will always make a way when theres none, something my misison president was really talking about was the adversary and how he will try and stop something good from happening, people going on missions, marriages, he'll stop them with fear, anxiety and depression and just whatever, i know it can be hard ive been getting all sorts of anxiety but you have to remember that we're stronger. i promise you guys if you submit yourself to the lord your life will forever change and you will be so happy! im trying to be chill and then its like i forget all ive learned, its crazy but things are good. christmas is coming, que weird. hope you all have a rad week and listen to blink-182.
pitbulls in a tug o war
food coma after a big fat meal
another one, final meal of thanksgiving we almost died.
sinton is full of dirt roads and gates into members houses
dog therapy came in while i was with gundy
abbie, the most loyal dog.
Butter Churn
it was 52 last night, its pretty cold on the bike haha.

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