Monday, December 12, 2016

When He Calls My Name

went to corpus last week for pday. its been getting pretty cold lately, like in the 40's its super great! but i miss the heat. did some service at a members house, theyve been building it for 6 years just them 2.. its a work in progress.. haha i also buried a dead bunny, it was pretty gross haha. then we went to visit the Amish people, they live like 30 minutes from town. it was pretty interesting. a lot of things are changing and improving, the unity in our district is going up. i went to institute for the first time ever it was pretty good. we took this recent convert family to visit this family we are teaching and they pretty much did it was awesome okay im just gonna get right to the big highlight moment of the week. so we are still going around to get to know all of the members. we went out on foot and passed by everyone in this little area and it was near the end of the night and very dark, i swear more than half of the streets in beeville arent lit. we walk up to this house to find a sister garcia, knock the door and this bald guy opens. we tell him who we are and ask if there is a sister garcia. he says no and tells us very bluntly to leave cause he is busy, we tell him alright and leave.. as we are walking away we are just across the street and that bald man opens his door and yelled at us to come back over. we get to the house and all he says is go down the hall and into the room on the right. thats where campos is.. we're like alright. so we walk through this house and walk into the room and there was a man bottle feeding a baby boy in a room piled waste high full of stuff. we start talking to the guy and come to find out that baby boy had a twin that passed away just 2 weeks ago.. we asked the man what made him want to talk to us.. he said that he was just sitting inthe room with his son having a spiritual moment, his son was just looking into the corner laughing and playing by himself but he believes that the twin is there to keep him company.. so he was having a spiritual experience and then there was a knock at the door.. it wasnt a coincidence. that really touched my heart. i know i wasnt walking in the cold for nothing. we talked with him and he told us he lost faith for 20 minutes and regrets it, when his son almost passed away he was thinking of suicide but then he had faith and changed his thoughts.. and there we were..i know without a doubt that baby knows who we are.. it brings me comfort and just peace in my heart knowing that god lives and just ahh.. its amazing. things are great and ive just seen an uplifting improvement in everything. the sacrament attendance double from last week. there is progress and it just super great! lots of fun things. ive been reading this book called how to pray and stay awake, ive been learning a lot on sincere prayers. its super dope and really is just a game changer with everything.
its cold yo
santa baby

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