Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Your Problem, My Emergency 4/24/17

Amelia stepped into the waters of baptism on saturday!! it was dope and then friday night we found out that another investigator from some elders in the zone was going to be baptized on saturday so there was a bunch of people there and even quite a few investigator families.

so when i first got here i was looking over the registro at the names of the people and decided to call this brother Phipps who my compa had never met but there was a number so i thought id try it out.. well he picked up. he lives out in the middle of nowhere and we've been trying to get in contact with him so we could go over. well finally we were able to meet him in his home the first thing he said was " how did you guys find me? Ive lived here 20 yrs and you guys are the first people from the church to visit me" my heart sank and we ended up having the best time with him. found out he was baptized cause he got drafted to go to vietnam and his mother was worried for him cause he had never been baptized and so he went around trying to find a church that would let him be baptized and the lds church was the one, he's been inactive for over 40 yrs but said that we will be seeing him soon in church.

theres also this other brother, brother V who is struggling with money and we thought hey we have a bunch of canned food at our apartment we could bring it to him so he can have something to eat so we did that. the next morning we just banged on his door and ran. ahh we felt great about what we did. we visited him later in the week and he said hey do you have anything to do with some food that was dropped off at my house the other day, we didnt say anything. he said well i wanted to thank whoever it was but i cant really eat most of it.. '-' dangit haha

so we've been meeting lots of people from this street wild olive and when we go to meet them they arent at home well we stopped to go visit someone and as we were at the door we saw 4 cops come screeching around the corner and go to this complex across the street and start banging on the door of this apartment and then finally they just kicked the door down and went into the house guns blazing that was all going on while we were trying to have a lesson lol. the person in that apartment ended up not being home.

saturday was a day of miracles so it was a sisters birthday in our district and she said that she has always wanted to catch a frog.. well later that day we were out contacting and we were walking across this field and this man was walking towards us with a gas can and we start talking to him and he immediately tells us that he's been dying to get baptized, he's read the bible but he cant find anyone that will baptized him and his family.. elder frandsen and i look at him like woah.. where did you come from. he said i live on WILD OLIVE...(orale, we believe that, that is why we have been finding people that live there is so we could find him) well we taught him the first vision and church and the next day he brought his kids and wife. alright back to saturday it was like 8:40 at night we were swinging by a LA real quick and set up a time to go later and on the way to our car we found one.. a Toad.. we we grabbed it raced over to the san benito chapel cause thats where the sisters were and as we were walking up there was a woman looking into the window and we say hi and then she asked us, when are your services? i want to go. this woman is named joanna and is living with a LA and has kids yeah the next day they all came to church!! oh my goodness.. i really cant explain all of this.."eye single to the glory of god" our attendance has gone up almost 30 people this transfer and we are on the verge of becoming a ward. the work moves on with or without some people. I truly know god lives and that he is still a god of miracles through the things that ive seen and experienced here. D&C136:29
If thou art sorrowful, call on the Lord thy God with supplication, that your souls may be joyful.
its not just something for missionaries though, anyone can see miracles. have joy and just be good and feel good. I truly know that joseph smith saw god the father and jesus christ and because i know that he was called as a prophet, i then believe that the prophets and apostles are called of God and the things that they say are to help guide us. word of wisdom, the gospel of jesus christ and the plan of salvation. Disfruta la vida.

Pan Dulce for breakfast
weakness, Golden Corral
dinner in the sun
Sanny B

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