Tuesday, April 4, 2017

6 de Septiembre

the mission is like a good book, the more and more you read it just gets more interesting and intense and crazy closer to the end. so the elders here got a bale of ties before i got here and so we had to dispose of all the ties. the back seat and truck were full it was bad. we had a bomb district meeting and i shared a story of when chris and i went to rose wood one morning to skate board, we wanted to drop into the 7 foot quarter pipe.. and we were all pumped and amped to drop in and i went first and just went right onto my stomach, it was awful and i look up and chris is just laughing his head off and crying cause it was so funny and i got up and went for it again and got it. and chris laughed the whole time and never wanted to try after seeing me fail. lol we went to los fresnos cause the sisters were having a baptism and i saw elder barnett and my grandson elder flanary. i feel like when i got here i jumped onto a bucking bronco. we are slowly taming the best. real quick. Sequoia from Beeville was baptized!! and sad news.. our bishop passed away i just found out:/ we've been seeing a lot of opposition which is good, lots of negative people and rejection. idk why but it just lights me up even more like i feel like im on fire, elder frandsen and i are having a blast!! Ive really been coming to learn how important it is to do something when youre told. the lord is so merciful. we are so blessed in so many ways. it was about 8:40pm and we were waiting for an investigator to show up for a cita and we decided to knock a few doors. we knock this door and this woman opens and right off the bat says that the missionaries visited her in the past once but never came back and invited us back over! andale!! we also had an all of a sudden mlc which was good where we talked about gratitude, patience, dont compare and amor. saturday morning we went to golden corral with the 2nd counselor bro ford and stuffed our faces before conference, oh it was wonderful. this weekend was crazy!! ahh conference was so good. being on a mission is the best! i wouldnt trade this for anything. i honestly wouldnt mind serving for another 2 years. knowing that this is the only time i can serve the lord like this makes it so much more precious each day. san benito is dope!! I know God lives and that he knows my heart, with faith you can see miracles.

mijo, y nieto
Rio Hondo museum.. lol
Resaca City
Searching for Elders

5 Months Left

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