Monday, April 10, 2017

You're so Vain

had some crazy pday activity last week on a ranch. but all the elders mainly played horse shoes, which is actually a really fun game. we were really trying to focus this week on finding people so we fasted and yes through the help of the lord we were able to find quite a few people but one of the most memorable ones was last night, we were still going through the registro to get in contact with people and we came across this guy named Serafin who we have never met. well he came outside to the gate where we were and he was like (in spanish) i havent gone to church in like 30 years, where is it around here, and we told him where it was and he said perfect well idk if my catholic wife will go but i'll try and go then i asked him for a tortilla and he asked, are you guys hungry, of course hermano so then he let us in and we ended up talking to his 15 yr old son named Antonio, and he was open eyed the whole time and just continued to say"this is nothing like the catholic church, this is so interesting" and so we went over the restoration and plan of salvation and he was just mind blown and just so pumped. it honestly was a miracle and we felt so blessed to be a part of that, immediatly after we said a prayer of gratitude. earlier in the week, Frandse, Luque, and Del Angel burned a tie cause they all hit their 6 month mark, how exciting!. ive been getting lots of nightmares lately and wake up in tears cause all of my dreams are me being home. its awful. so i asked my mission president if i could never go home and he said no.. ah que triste.. well we've been working a lot in Rio Hondo which is a city 15 minutes away from San Benito. we came across someone on the registro again we wanted to try, knocked the door and this older women opened and explained that her son and daughter in law used to live with her and her daughter in law and grandaughter were baptized but they had moved to san benito. she then gave us the address and started to have a lesson with her and just then, guess who rolled up, her son. ahhh it was a miracle, he gets out all pumped his name is Kenny and invited us over the next day. we go over the next day and have a bomb lesson with the family, they are the Prather family. super loving and awesome!! another miracle this week, frandsen and i went to visit a former and as we were pulling onto the street of the former i saw a lady walking her dog in her front yard and something told me to talk to her, so we pulled up and started talking and within 3 minutes she invited us over to dinner and brought out her husband to meet us! ahhh woahhhhh!!. we also got antied pretty good, it was a great week. its warming up but its still good.
Horse Shoes.
missionaries love donuts
some cup thing
we were playing prophet says (simon says) 
and of course there was candy lol
Sanny B Dream
lol ties
my hair in the morning..

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