Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Anthrax 4/17/19

irst things first, Shontell the mother of The Squad in Beeville, was baptized yesterday!! AH
earlier this week elder frandsen and i were eating with a couple members and we got a phone call from a random number and it was The squad.. ah i wanted to cry they just called to see how i was doing. Shontell was the final member in their family to be baptized.
so diabetes is a very common down here. like very common and we were talking with this guy and he was explaning to us how he had a high blood sugar earlier in the day and he was waiting for it to go down. i just felt that i should ask him how high it was.. and he said. "oh it was 500" my compa and i were blown away! woah!! errrrr hold up what!!
3nephi5:13 we have been call to serve!! go get em!! we've been running around everywhere. we were talking to this women an daughter at the resaca and this random guy with sun glasses and a beard walks up and gave us 2 gatorades adn walked away. we tried to talk to him but he just left in his car. we blessed this mans haunted house and were antied pretty hard, something i learned a lot this week was the power of the spirit when its telling you to get the heck out of there. this man"healed" our investigator and was just going crazy on us it was nuts. another day we were driving to a bunch of citas and as we were driving passed the resaca i saw this woman sitting at the park alone with 2 kids, something just told me to hurry and stop the car and go talk to her and thats what we did, eeerrrr! stopped, walked casually to the park and as soon as we walked up she told us to go away, but we insisted that she take a card. she did and then she just burst into tears, we then talked about the importance of woman and mothers, and just our purpose in life. she cried and wants to come to church! what a blessing to be a part of that. we are really trying to help this branch turn into a ward and theres about a handful of priesthood holders we are working with that through some miracles in their lives have started to come back and even feel desires to come. its pretty interesting this reactivation work and just watching it happen. seeing someone that hasnt gone to church in a long time, finally come back. i jump for joy as if it were an investigator!! and thats exactly what happen on sunday!! please go to church. im grateful for my mom coming over my hair when i was a kid before i went to church.

a story just came to mind that i want to share of an experience i had when i was 16 or 17. i woke up from a nap one day and got a message on my phone that one of my favorite bands (Anti-Flag) would be coming to utah and that it was going to be Free, you can imagine how awesome that was. well the day came for the concert and of course being the only punk out of my friends i went alone, took the train and was just super pumped for the concert. i finally get there and the opening bands are pretty alright, they were utah local bands but then finally the time came and Anti-Flag was going to come on stage ahhhh i was so pumped so hyped!! immediately a circle pit opened up and there was just people going everywhere.. wells something about me is i LOVE circle pits. Anti-Flag was playing and i just jumped right in, and just having the time of my life, im jumping on peoples shoulders and everything is just going great!! well as im jumping this guy decided to go the opposite way and hit people with his shoulder... and while i was in the air, he totally got me in the gut. i lost my breath and fell to the ground, i got up to try and get out of the pit but i couldnt, people kept pushing me back in. i tried and tried and i for reals i thought i was going to pass out cause i couldnt get any air. i tried again and denied again people just pushed me back in.. and then finally i did all i could to get out, yes i had to throw someone out of the way to let me through but i made it outside finally and was able to breath... at times in our life some times we get caught in a mosh, or circle pit. we try and try to get out but nada. we are gasping for air and then you remember that you came alone.. i just want to let everyone know that there is a way out of the mosh, you have to work for it and really lean on the lord for help. but dont be the guy that just flops on the ground and gives up.., Dale Gas, you got it:) have a great week!!
Sanny B Dream
I thought it was a squashed shoe.. ended up being a squashed turtle.
Groovy, baby
golden texts

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