Thursday, July 13, 2017

Behold! A Royal Army 7/10/17

miracle of today

so we had just got done digging and we were on our way to walmart to get food and all of a sudden a cop rolled up behind us and pulled us over, i was driving. the cop comes up and tells me i was speeding and asks for my license and insurance. i gave it to them and my compa and i just sat in the car thinking..i wasnt speeding at all. the cop comes back and asks where we were going we tell him walmart. then he tells me that he tried to look up my license and couldnt find it at all anywhere. he asked me when i got it. he then said that we were good to go even though he couldnt find my license anywhere. que milagro!!!

we had MLC this week it was a 2 day meeting this time the first day it was literally a 12hr meeting, 9am-9pm it was crazy. it was great to receive trainings from presidente torres and an area seventy. the mission is wonderful! i cant even explain how great revelation is for people you are helping. it brings me such comfort to know exactly what we are doing on an eternal perspective. it truly is what keeps the fire going. we also found out that zone leaders and district leaders will now be training as well so thats exciting. the mission is changing and we are doubling everything. even tortillas. hah jk about the tortillas. we got rejected super hard last week. we knocked this door and this man swung the door super fast open and then yelled at us for knocking his door, it was really a great moment, but back to mlc i was really grateful to just be a part of this work. its life changing and really just something that has changed my heart as the time goes on out here. we had a great visit with this man named Fidel last night and we bore pure testimony to him of conversion. the spirit is the teacher and there is just a verse in alma 5 that really stands out to me

14: And now behold, i ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?

Through the book of mormon not only can it change your heart but it also binds families together. I am super super grateful to be here and i love it more and more each day. God lives and loves us so much.


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