Monday, July 24, 2017

Red Hot 7/24/17

pretty marvelous week, the transfer is over, i have 6 weeks left and i am being transferred to corpus to be companions with an Elder Harris. Elder Ortega and I had a great run and i am very thankful to have spent at least one transfer with him. we were able to see many many miracles and able to truly follow the savior. i dont really know what else to say but this was one of the best transfers ever. Be Believing and Fear No Man.
during the week we contacted this women who was a little crazy and she told us to not contact her neighbor, but something told us to. so we went over and she was outside. she told us she was visited in the past by missionaries. she said that they told her church was 3hours long and that was to long for her, we then explained how church was, and after she said "oh wow that actually sounds not to bad. id love to go and so will my husband" how awesome guy:) Later that day we were visiting the recent convert javier and he said that while he was reading the book of mormon the night before, the spirit reminded him who his missionaries were when he was in mexico over a year ago, their names were Elder Ortega and Elder Gonzalez. javier is so awesome!! there was this day where we kinda felt like things should be different with our plans, we ended up heading over to some gated apartments to see a member and they werent home so we decided to walk through the courtyard in this apartment complex instead of knocking doors we just knew there would be someone out in the courtyards and there we met Mari, she was sitting at a table with a friend and as we should up the friend just booked it inside and we ended up having a very spirit filled lesson full of tears about the atonement and how we can be forgiven, in that moment we truly knew that the lord had led us there. I dont really have much to say other than the lord has been so merciful to the zone and we've seen many miracles of families coming out of no where and also families being completed. I know God lives and that he knows me and each and every one of you. share the things from your heart and he will reveal so much to you, you wont have any idea what to do with it.
ahhh plane!!

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