Thursday, July 13, 2017

Road Rash 6/26/17

we had a pretty bomb p day last week, the whole zone came down to play chair soccer. it was awesome to see everyone there. it was like having the whole family together. being here i just really want ot see others be happy and really enjoy the work. the missionaries just mean so much more to me now. our proselyting time didnt really go as planned that day. just believe and everything will workout.
theres a lot of things that i wrote down that really impacted me that im just going ot say. one thing i heard was before you ask someone to change , you might want to ask yourself, what do i need to change in me? Dreams -> Passion -> Success
we went out early one morning to catch some people home and i got my dead call.. hah it was pretty interesting. dead call meaning the office called me to set up my flight plans hahah. alright so there we've been pretty low on miles and we were talking about what we were going to do and we decided that saturay we would bike the whole day, use 0 miles.. and it sounded pretty good cause we only had 4 for sure set things and they were all spread out area. the first appointment was in mcallen which is like a 15 minute drive..well we made it in 40 minutes on bike and let me tell you this little trek out there was hot, it was about 2 in the afternoon.. easily over 100 with wind feeling like a blow dryer on blast. we biked non stop till we got the apartment. immediately as we started biking doubt filled my mind but i really felt that the day would be a day of miralces. just as we get there the family showed up and we had a bomb lesson. i literally felt like falling asleep while i was riding my bike haha it was so crazy!! so after that first appointment we are on our way this hobo starts yelling, ELDERS!! ELDERS!! I LOVE YOU!!! ELDERS I LOVE YOU!! YOU GUYS ARE DOING TOO MUCH!! OH MAN I LOVE YOU ELDERS!! it was pretty awesome to hear that and we finally get to our appointment and here is the miralce! AHH haha so we knock this door and this man tells us no not this door, knoock the other door. so we go to the side of the house and this little old woman opens the door all excited and invites us in, we sit down and theres 2 little kids playing and running around and then she introduces us to her son in low whose name is Javier, we sit down and then he tells us that the missionaries were teaching him in mexico cause his wife and his suegra are members. he tells us that he wants to be baptized and and that they just got married 2 weeks ago and theyve only been in america for 3 weeks. we are like alright next saturday you can get baptized, he was literally about to jump out of his chair he was so happy and he is already wanting ot be sealed in the temple.... well we have a few other cool moments in the day and faith riding which is calling people and getting random rides from appointment to appointment. it worked out, well sunday came around and javier and his family didnt have a way to get to church but hmna trevino came in clutch and crammed them in her car. we see them at church finally and i go and sit by him and he is just in tears and in my mind im just thinking like oh man what is going on.. but he enjoyed sacrament, the next hour we are talking and he tells us how the night before he prayed and asked god if the church was true.. and on his way to church he wasnt feeling anything.. he didnt feel any peace of gozo or just anything.. once he walked into the church.. he was hit by a wall of joy and just began to cry as he was talking to me.. he said it was something he knew was from god and he's never felt like this before and he knows this is the place that he needs to be. he then told us of an experience he had when he was living in mexico. he was on his way to work and his first son had just been born and he got stopped by some men on the road and they were yelling at him pointing guns asking who he worked for.. they ended up taking him out of the car and took him to where there were more people blind folded that these crazy guys were going to kill. they continued to yell at him and wouldnt listen to what javier was saying.. one of the gunmen felt that javier was telling the truth and that he didnt work for a cartel.. but the other gunmen just wanted to kill him.. javier prayed that god would let him get away from these man and go back to his family.. the gunmen finally said alright you can go but if you make it across this river we'll kill you cause that will mean you work for someone.. well he made it across and the other gunmen that believed that he was telling the truth picked him up on the other side and took him back into town, after that javier knew that god lived and that he actually cared about him.. man it was super crazy to hear all of that but his whole family was hear at church and they loved it!!:D

God is good and he really does listen to you.

that good good chorizo con huevo
random hammock i had to try
on our way to Rio Grande city for an interview and this is what we saw.. haha making things happen
its called a Tuna and its super good
Gratis, some kids were selling them and gave it to us!
this dog was super depressed when we first met it. come to find out it had a tumor behind one of its eyes and the 2nd time we went over the eye was gone. Pelochin. 

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