Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Minerva 7/17/17

Many great things are going on, many baptismal interviews we are very excited for these families. the misison really is a great experience. so at the beginning of this transfer about 5 weeks ago we made contact with this women and she said back in the day her son would play basketball at the church but he wasnt home and she couldnt talk to us.. so we tired to come back later y nada. well weeks later and many phone calls, she told us a few weeks ago that her son tried to commit suicide and that she really wanted us to visit when her son was there.. well finally this week.. we were rolling through the streets and saw her outside doing some yard work.. errrrkk we stopped the car and got out and walked over, she immediatly walked inside and there was her son.. her son then invited us in and we started talking and everything was going great and then all of a sudden...... he says.. i was baptized like 4 years ago in edinburg which is a city 30 minutes from hidalgo... we were like what.. no way.. he then went and got his baptismal pictures. wow what a great moment, and his family is really wanting to go to church.. ahh que milagro. we are also able to take out youth with us in the truck so thats what we have been doing and we've seen some very crazy powerful lessons with these youth and people even stopping us mid lesson asking us where the church was cause they would be there. the truck accidentally ran over a wild rabbit.. it was pretty sad.. also Lariza and Rosa were baptized!!:D it was such a blessing and this weekend was easily one of the craziest weekends of my life, running around and just being crazy, the mission is the best. the members are amazing and always come in clutch. the glory is not ours but the lords, I know God lives, the mission is just the best thing in the world, i invite all who have not gone on one that can to go. not for you but for the lord and our brothers and sisters out here that need to hear the power from the restoration.
Golden Corral with Agustin again..
At The Bodega
Met up with Javier and he's wearing this. #bestfriendsalready
Out with Brandon a YM in Sharyland
Live at the Dive ( Lariza, Rosa y Remplis)

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