Monday, August 7, 2017


crazy thing happened last week, we were at the mall on pday and we heard "hey elder" I turned around and who was there? Diana and Mariah Cervantes, i said woahhhhh ahhh!! and we ended up seeing the whole Cervantes family, the family that Messinger and I baptized in Beeville, they were school shopping ahh it was so awesome to see them. Later that night we made our way to a return appointment in "The Cut". The cut is a sketch part of corpus that gets pretty weird after dark. well we made our way to visit Joe, as we pulled up Joe bolted inside, the first thought that came to my mind was, dip cause this guy wont listen, but then another thought came and it was from an MLC about giving people a chance, so we got out and knocked the door... this woman opened and let us in there we had a very spirit filled Restoration less with 5 of the family, they are all adults and super eager to start reading from the book of mrmon. One of the sons even asked if before we left, if he could say a prayer. the next day we had a bomb district meeting at Cole Park, it is this park right next to the ocean it was awesome. our plan for that day was to make some Pros Plates aka mapped out and organize on paper our area to help in the work. well we started after district metting and we had been making calls to people to follow up a little and we called Adrian, the man who walked up to us at Eddies, well we called him to set up a cita and he said we could visit him right in that moment, so we put everything on pause and went to his barbershop... well we show up and start talking to him, within minutes he just completely opened up and has so many gold questions and was just in tears it was quite the visit but we both feel super strongly about him. the spirit is such a great gift, he continued to ask us if baptism really did wash away his sins. he has such a great heart. we also met the Sowels family, so we had tried to visit this member in a part of town we werent very familiar with and the member didnt have time for us so we left and walked around the block and just before we got back into our car, there was this woman sitting on her car, we offered her a card and began talking about jesus christ and she stopped us and said "wait, let me go get my kids" she ran inside and came out with three kids and we had an awesome short lesson with them. I went to my last MLC on thursday and it was soooo good, we talked a lot about Trust and The Restoration. i visited with Ortega and i just miss Hidalgo so much!!:/ all the good tortas and members there. we gave this woman named Joan a blessing earlier in the week and we had a follow up lesson with her and when we had given her the blessing she was going through a lot.. well we met up with her and she began to cry because she told us how doors were opening for her right and left and the peace that she has in her life now is something she has never felt before and show knows it came from the blessing.. she wants to tell everyone about her blessing and that it came from "the mormons". The church is so true. this week was crazy good!! we had a funny experience yesterday so we wear white shirts and ties right, well we had parked infront of some random house to figure out the direstions to the next place and we had been there for a little bit and this car pulled up next to us and they guy told us to roll down our window, and then he asked us what we were doing cause we were infront of his house, we told him who we were and we ended up setting an appointment to visit him haha that happened again, people were getting all scared cause we were parked hah. pero todo esta bien hah:) the mission is the best!!
kinda blurry but the Cervantes family
a little throw back pic from Hidalgo, we went to Rodizio as a final hoorah for the transfer
District Meeting
Bingo, is very intense over here
6 way intersection, its a good idea...
Mijo(Elder Barnett) and I. he's been out a year.. they grow up so fast:/
funny magnets 

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