Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Healthy Body 7/31/17

First milagro of being in corpus, we were eating at this place called eddies, and this random guy walked up to us and said "hey what do you guys do for a living?".... gold question haha we then just went into it all... he called his wife and wanted us to talk to her cause he wants to take his whole family to church with us and have us come by.. say what....... orale no way!! there is unreal potential here in corpus, we've been finding a lot of great people. my compa is from st george and was in the national guard before coming out. he's a stud! i feel super happy to have him as my last companion. we've been having some powerful lessons with random contacts. i truly know that God is over everything..the spirit is touching the hearts of so many people, its just up to them to follow the promptings. we got invited to a thanksgiving dinner, it was awesome. we had this one visit and this brother told us that he wants to be sealed with his wife who is not a member. she was in the room during the whole thing and it was just such a great experience to see everything go down. not going to lie i really do miss Hidalgo and all that was going on down there. whenever i tell people that, that was my old area they look at me like how on earth are you alive hahah. its the best. the mission really is the best thing in the world, everyday i wake up and i just feel so full of fire and just want to hit the streets. have a great week!:)
Drove this beautiful thing to Corpus, they call it the Roach
oohh yeah baby, Corpus
a members rock collection haha
Magnet of the week
Ocean breeze
Pansa Llena Corazon Contenta

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