Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Zero 8/21/17

Corpus is the best!! we've been meeting lots of people that are big fans of WWE, its really awesome to talk about all of our favorite wrestlers and favorite matches. #NatureBoy'RicFlair'
we went to the beach for p-day last week. it was pretty awesome. we have been making great contact with some ancient members that havent been seen in forever. we had an awesome lesson with Abinadi and his family. Adan our investigator told us that he believes that joseph smith was a prophet!! ahh!! i was ready to jump out of my chair!! we had quite a few visits to the hospital for different people and as we were leaving the hospital one day this man saw us and said. hello elders how are you? we had never met him before but turns out he is a member that just is about to move to our ward, he wanted a blessing and told us to visit him at his hotel room that he is staying in. we went over and he is living with his mom. we gave him a blessing and it was powerful. he bore his testimony after and told us how his life was before, it was awful and he drank and drugged himself into a coma, he said he was able to see the other side, he doesnt understand why he was granted that but he said that it smelled like roses and the air felt so good and he met his father there and his father said he could stay there with im but he felt very uncomfortable and unworthy to be there because he knew what kind of man he was in the real world and said no to staying.. he was in a coma for 2 months. after being released from the hospital his brother asked him if he wanted to go to the bar and for the first time in his life.. he said no.. and from then on he completely changed his life.. this week was one of the craziest weeks.. Sunday morning, Elder Harris went to go pick up this ancient member named Ricardo, the one who got his suit stolen, well elder Harris went with a member to pick him up and when they got there Ricardo said "im not going today" elder harris said "ricardo, open the door" he said ok. they then went in and elder harris helped him put on his pants and then they came to church. the whole way to church ricardo kept talking about how he couldnt believe that he was on his way to church. he loved it!! he has been a member for a very long time and was so happy to go to church!! its been crazy to see the change in the people we are teaching, the change that the spirit can do in someones life is so unreal!! In the morning we were out and about waking up our investigators for church and after we left one of them there was this man pushing his truck down the street to the gas station. we quickly pulled over and ran over to help him. we finally made it to the gas station and he was so grateful. that is how we met the Galvan family, we went to their house later and had an amazing restoration lesson. from experiences like this it truly testifies to me the truthfulness of the message we bring and carry in our hearts everyday and how we are guided to those who will listen. I rejoice in all that the lord does,for us. we are so weak and imperfect. all i ask is what more can we do?, what more can we give?

North Beach
Service at last
Starched pants for Ricardo

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