Friday, August 18, 2017

We're Gonna Fight!!! 8/14/17

this week was one of the best!!
we had a zone meeting and i gave a training on sacrifice and diligence, i feel so alive for some reason!! later that day when we were out prosing we got a call and found out that Presidente Torres was going to be in corpus in 40 minutes and he wanted to have interviews with all of us, it was pretty exciting because we had almost every half hour set so that threw a big curve ball but everything worked out the way it was supposed to. we got a call from a brother in a ward telling us that he invited a whole family over and that he wanted us to teach them in an hour, we flew over there and taught the Bigam family they are super awesome and just moved from Colorado. at the end of the night we were visiting the Maldonado family that we started teaching and mid lesson one of the kids looks at the parents and says "I thought you said they were going to baptize me?" lol what a great question haha. My plan had me sign up for institute and that was actually pretty exciting. through out this week we had many set appointments and if we didnt the lord really guided us to where we needed to be at the right time. I went on an exchange with elder Griffeth who is from Price Utah he's pretty sweet! we are very similar and we had a great day.

Last sunday we were looking through the roster and came across this name Abinadi Hernandez and we decided to visit him because we had never met him. so we drove out there to visit him and we pull up to the house and ask if he lives there and turns out his father goes to the spanish branch in our building with us and he told us that his son doesnt live there and he gave us his sons address which is on the other side of Corpus, we drove out there and nothing, that was all last sunday. the father really wanted us to get in contact with his son so we thought we'd just really try during the week. wellll yesterday we set out to visit another brother we didnt know and we knocked the door and no answer, we almost got into the car but then something told me "you want to find people to teach, right infront theres a park full of people go talk to them" it was true, right infront of the house we knocked there was a park full of people. we then crossed the street and made our way to this man struggling to walk, we said hi, he said he had no time, i then looked around the park and the spirit said "you want to find families, go talk to them" and there was this little family playing t-ball, we walked over and we introduced ourselves to the father, he told us his name is Abinadi it then went silent and i asked him..."whats your last name" He said, Hernandez. we then just looked at him and he said, "I think you guys know who i am.." he was right.. it was the man we tried to find last week. he then told us that he wants to teach his 11yr old son about God and invited us over to teach him..Listen to the voice of the spirit and you'll be guided to the things you are seeking. this experience is something that will forever be in my heart. when he told us his last name i got way excited and told him i literally felt like i just met a movie star because we found him, ahh it made us so happy! The lord truly is over everything. we later swung by this media referral and the woman was just going through a crazy hard time and ended up telling us that she was baptized in the church.. wow que loco.. i feel like that happens a lot here haha. this man named Michael moved into our area that was being taught by other missionaries and is planning on being baptized. we visited him and after that visit there were some people standing in the circle that he lives in, we waved and said hi and this guy waved back and something just seemed different about him so we started talking to him, come to find out he's a member in san antonio that hasnt gone to church in forever, he was just visiting his family, he told us most of his family is in utah and have gone on missions and he gave us his info because he really wants to go back to church now and wants the missionaries to visit him.. his parents ended up living at the house they were at and are also members and we had no idea, the lord will really lead us to those that are waiting. this week was a week of breaking barriers, its hard to overcome obstacles in our life but one thing we really learned this week is that it is possible. put your mind to it and trust in the lord literally give everything to him because most of the things here dont matter but what matters most is the trust the Lord has in us and where our hearts are.

we helped this less active member find a suit for church. we dropped it off and we came the next day to see if it fit and we found out that someone had jacked it from his chair in the front room..he cant trust his roomates but for some reason we all just started laughing when we found out that it got stolen. oh well it was an ugly brown anyway haha.

it reminded me of Carl from ATHF
spooky apartments
The Devils Blood, literally an single drop will have your whole body burning
Blessed to have mexican food in the north, but its not like Hidalgo:/
Bro, Barrera the man who got his suit stolen

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