Friday, January 1, 2016

hola 12/21/15

soooooooooooo transfers was last week. only a few people left out of my zone. haha elder anderson and I stayed in portland. i forgot to tell of a story from a zone meeting a few weeks ago. soo we had this zone meeting. the last one of the transfer and on the same day some elders were having a baptism for a teenager named Meryk. well the elders in my zone asked everyone in the zone to come to the baptism since we were having the meeting in the same building. so we are crammed into the room just right before he was going to get dunked. Meryk is about 16. he's been a floater investigator for over a year. finally he was going to get baptized. he got up to go get into the faunt and then someone invited all of the children to come up front to watch it happen. a few kids ran up front to check it out. and then just a few seconds after.. all of Meryk's homies got up and ran up front...(they are not members) and then his family ran up.. so pretty much everyone in the room was at the edge of the faunt. it was cool to see all of his friends all pumped and super into it. after he was baptized.. someone asked him.. how do you feel.. and he just burst into tears.. saying he felt clean for once.. truly clean.. i can tell that just from that moment. Meryk was setting a huge example for his friends and family.. idk why it was just a great moment to be there..
okayyy so this last week we had exchanges again but this time i was left in portland and was to lead everything for the day. we were on bikes and it was super fun. it got pretty cold one night and my head light got stolen... hah so strange but whatever. we've been finding a ton of new people. This guy Cory we have been talking to is super sick! he already knows a ton about the church and agreed to be baptized. being on a mission in the states is so weird and different than argentina haha but its still awesome. we also had our first zone meeting of the transfer on saturday and it was pretty fun.
later that day we were trying to visit a super less active family.. we knocked on the door and this guy opened it and came outside. we asked if we could go inside and share something.. and he said that he had quite a few dogs that would tear us apart.. so i ask him what kind of dogs.. he said they are all pugs. hahah
i was like woahhhh you have to let us in. in love pugs!! haha soooo he let us in:) hahah i dont have much more to write about.. sorry.. all of my funny good experiences i can never remember.. have a good christmas. i miss you all. be safe.
alsoooo.. one night we got a voicemail that was sent out to our whole zone. it was from the Bel Aire elders down in corpus.. they were just telling us that they got emergency transfered to mccallen and might even leave the mission.. it was super sad to hear cause i actually liked those elders.. we are going to see them tomorrow for our christmas conference but then after that they are leaving.
funny texans and their lights, im sure my brother will appreciate that haha

finally found a volvo!! haha
her name is Mary Ann 
just postin up enjoying my bishops view from his deck before we had lunch with him yesterday. 
my bishop's view. 
my companero dissapeared after we finished planning yesterday and i was wondering what he was doing... i go to our extra room to find him doing this... ha what a derpy guy hahah hes funny.. but his family sent him those pj's and he was taking a picture to send to them hahah que raro!

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