Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Con Valor Marchemos


so last p day was a fun day and all.. a while ago we were teaching this guy named Todd. he was super rad and just really needed our help but randomly stopped talking to us. i truly missed this guy and we would sometimes talk about him even though we werent teaching him. well on monday we got a random text like an hour before the end of the night. he was like heyy i really need your help, i dont know what to do anymore. so we go straight to his place. he opens the door and man this guy really needs the gospel like the look in his eyes he was so sad about some things in his life and seriously wants change like now. so we started talking to him everything is super good. the next day we went back over with brother muhammed and it was a good lesson. the spirit was just so strong there. later tuesday night we went to go give a member a blessing cause he was going to get heart surgery the next day. while i was giving him the blessing.. my head got all warm and it felt like someone was putting their hands on my head while i had mine on his.. there are things that happen that i just cant explain how they feel and how awesome it just is.. that moment was truly amazing and i don think I'll ever forget it. im super grateful for the spirit. the next day we found two lost friends. we went to go contact a potential from forever ago. there was this kid across the street walking. we started walking to him and asked if he wanted a card and he was like " man i was hoping you would" and bam we just started talking for a long time and he was super down to be baptized and come to church. he is 18 and a Christian rapper and is just super awesome. its pretty cool cause near the end of our conversation he was like you know i usually never walk down this street cause this is the long way but for some reason i did today. man that was awesome to here. cause we were actually thinking about going to a different part of town. and ahhhh it was just great:)
later that night we had another lesson with Victor and Marissa, it was a great lesson about prophets and at the end victor says.." you know guys, i am soo happy and grateful that you guys come almost everyday. that we can talk to you. like ever since you came, theres been like a big weight lifted off of my shoulders. i want my family to grow up in a church like this and it honestly makes me so happy everytime you guys come over" i almost wanted to cry... cause seriously one of my whys why im on a mission is to help lighten the loads of those that are weary.. and it was just... something so perfect to here. victor and marissa already have such a great testimony of everything in the church ahh its great! haha we also had interviews with the presidente on friday and it was super good and just fun to be as a zone and learn from the APs haha. I feel like everytime we have a zone anything i always get so pumped i just want to go out and work!! everything is about attitude. a couple days last week all of our plans fell.. like the whole day and because we kept our attitude super good and kept working hard and finding more and more things to do to find new people. we were able to. yeah it was hard when your member present falls through cause the investigator just wasnt there but seriously just keep going. one day last week we went to go contact this referral and there was this guy on the phone in the garage. so we went and started talking to him and he just starts going off and jabbing at us telling us we dont believe in jesus and all this crazy stuff... he was like just going off on... our beliefs ha not his. but ours.. there wasnt much we could do but just stand our ground and bare testimony.. like seriously.. people can question doctrine all they want but someones testimony they cant.. we bore testimony and he kept quite and said that he loves us and hopes we have a good day and then we left. oh man it was super loco.. but seriously just remembering to not be afraid mosiah 18:9 we are standing as witnesses of god at all times. dont be afraid. man that was crazy but just a good experience. also haha as good as having two meal appointments back to back sounds.. it really isnt a good idea. hah well we had it one day. and wow.. it was a lot.. also couches are of the devil. haha i swear everytime we sit down on them we want to fall asleep. ..que mas.. que mas... yeah it was just another crazy week and this is the last week of the transfer so lets see if i get to stay another one in portland cause its so rad here and i love everyone!!

2 Timothy 2:3
it was super windy and cold on day.. perfect kite weather. and then later that night it got all warm. the cold front is an amazing thing
squishing puppies
saw these little dudes at the aquarium and it was outside. how cool:)

aquarium fun!!
thats not my dolphin.. but it was nice.
just thinking about the mission life and how awesome it is. so blessed.

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