Monday, January 25, 2016

senor te necesito

so monday. we had a pretty good day. rockport had dinner with us and we had the baptismal interview for Victor and Marissa cause they are super ready. we thought all was well and that they would be able to get baptized on the 24th.. hah yeahhhh come to find out that they arent even married yet...our hearts sank..
tuesday: we had a super good district meeting and i stayed in portland with E jardine. had the interview for tracey for her to be baptized on the 24th. and everything went well. Wednesday: had a missionary broadcast and it was super good. we all met at the stake center. "teaching repentance and baptizing converts" we worked hard that day.. but i felt like not hard enough cause all of our member presents fell through. we got lots of referrals but nothing too solid. we also started talking to victor and marissa about them getting married and they are super down to get married on the 29th. yes!! its gonna work out.
thursday: everything was good and then we got a call from tracey.. of her telling us that she doesnt want to talk to us for a few days because i guess we have been stressing her.. but we hadnt seen her since tuesday.. it was kinda weird and so random and bummed us out. so we started a fast as a zone for everyone in our zone. later that day we met with Talitha and Michael for the first time at first said that they are catholic and lutheran and wouldnt convert... and near the end of the lesson they had a million questions and wanted to know more and are so interested and want us to come back soon.. HA! its amazing how the spirit works.
friday: planned for the following week. victor and marissa got their marriage license. SICK!! its all gonna go down next week we thought. everything is good. we call our bishop.. and find out that friday isnt going to work for him so we are going to try for saturday. alma 8:10 saturday: had a way good zone meeting. learned so much from it and just got tons of animo to go out and work. later that day when we were going to visit a recent convert there was this guy grilling outside and we stopped and asked what he was cooking. and we ended up talking to him and his wife for a while and they gave us some ribs. it was awesome. they are Noe y Nadie. 2 super cool people and they want us to come by again so we can share the message with their children. later that day.. we find out from bishop that saturday actually isnt going to work and that it might just go back to friday..
sunday: we go to church and find out that the wedding might have to be pushed back for the next week. which means they wouldnt be able to get baptized till the next weekend. we are like oh man.. .no way... and people in the ward are already talking about the wedding and just getting all of this hype for it. cause they all love victor and marissa a ton. church was great. but we decided to see if we could do it during the week because they are super ready for it all. so we talk some more with the bishop and decided that it could happen on thursday so they could still get baptized on sunday the 31st..... well yeah we just got a call this morning saying that thursday isnt going to work either.. ahh!! its driving us loco.. but we are still figuring it out and have lots of faith that itll still go down this week. by the way transfers is tomorrow... and we JUST found out that Elder Anderson and I are both leaving Portland.. I am going to Casa Blanca Loredo, and my comp is going to loredo south.
we are both right next to the border!!! but yeah all of this crazy stuff is going down and just like that. we are both being moved from portland. super sad.. but it is what it is. dont mail anything to the portland address. if you want to mail something just mail it to the mission offices in mcallen. gracias por todo. but yeah thats whats going on. the address is

 Elder Raul Gonzalez
Texas McAllen Mission
200 West La Vista Avenue
McAllen, TX 78501

also my new area is a bike area so im super pumped!
victor and marissa they are so dope!
gilbert and stephanies dog. so cute.. 
haha this is gustavo. we have many pigeons that hangout on our deck. i really enjoy them. i give them bread. my comp hates them but i think they are funny.
blessings from portland. i love having dessert with every meal.

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