Monday, January 4, 2016

Stairway To Heaven

another good week...oh man what a week what a week...
hahah i wont have any pictures sorry.. i was literally so busy ahhh this week was amazing. soooo first off was p day it was good as usually. then bam! next day was district meeting and then two day exchanges. i stayed in portland with my district leader and so it was super fun to be in charge of the area and make all of the plans. soo im going to first start out with the first miracle that happened. we had a zone goal of 8 baptisms. for the month of december and beginning of this last week we only had 7.. and so everyone was praying hard and really working hard to find a miracle baptism.. it was crazy. there were so many challenges as a zone and still there was no luck we had no idea where we were going to find someone. all of a sudden on wednesday.. we got a group text.. from our zls.. they came across someone who really wanted their grandson to be baptised and the grandfather asked. could my grandson be baptized this weekend. and the zls said.. what about tomorrow. and the grandfather said yes. so like that bam!! we had a baptism the next day on the last day of the month and we met our goal. as a zone we were all there and it was super amazing. like with everyone working hard to find. the lord really helped us out. while we were on exchanges. we were just busting our butts and working hard to find new people to teach running from house to house. wednesday morning we get a call from the sinton elders. (sinton is not in my zone) and they say heyyy we have 2 investigators for you guys. they just moved from sinton to portland we've taught them a few times and they are super down for baptism. so they give us their names and number and bam we go and meet them and their names are Victor and Mariss and they have a little baby named... i cant remember.. hah it was named after a ufc fighter but anyways. we go and meet them and they are super open to everything and already feel the spirit when they read and pray and victor understands that his baptism as a baby wasnt valid and he wants to be baptized the right way with the right authority.. and marissa has never been baptized.!! ahhhh like they are so down and we've been meeting with them and they are so kind and just love everything already. so later on when we were meeting up with the rockport elders to switch back after exchanged. my comp and E.russell were stopped by this girl named angelica in our apt parking lot and asked for a pamphlet. they talk to her for a little bit and then set up a time for us to come back. well we met with her last night and she tells us that she is really looking for a church for her and her 9 yr old son to go to. she was soo happy that we came over and talked to her. and shes just super excited to learn more and go to church. like way excited. i feel like there were tons of other great things that happened but i forgot my planner:/ elder anderson and i were running last night from house to house. like literally working super hard. and at the end of the night.. its just the best feeling knowing youve done all that you could. the lord will bless you in so many cool and different ways if you do all that you can. ooooh on exchanges. we were going around singing "when i am baptized" to people using a ukelele and we got reffered to this house and we go and knock on it and this guy comes out and we give him our missionary speal and i tell him that we want to sing him a song. and he looks at us and just says.."i give up, im going inside" and he gets his mail and walks back in... i look at E. Jardine.. like what the... hahah and idk why but it was so funny and awkward hahahaha i still laugh about it now hahah. man last week was super loco. also a while ago we were eating at a members house and we were eating this pasta stuff with ground beef and it was almost soupy.. and then the member was talking about how she never drains the ground beef... and then i look back at what im eating.. and its literally just in a bowl of grease... ha yeahh... my stomach did not feel good at all after.. haha i almost started laughing when she said that cause i couldnt believe it hahah. but yeah ive always seen how being obedient has really blessed my comp and i. all day we work so hard. but when we got to sleep at night at the time we are supposed to. i wake up everyday feeling like i slept 14 hours. its amazing and just super weird how that works out but i know its cause we are being obedient and showing that we truly want to work. the lord will bless you. you just gotta do what you are told. also something cool about the ward. so there was an eagle court of honor that we went to for 2 kids in our ward and it was awesome to see the support from the ward there. like there were so many families that were there that dont even have kids in scouts or even kids at all. they are just their to support. thats something everyone should be doing cause thats seriously what makes a ward so great!! i love you all! 2016 is already super rad!! sorry no pictures.. i will maybe take some next week.

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