Monday, June 13, 2016

Wake Up

pretty rad week!
Kerry had his interview and everything went well. we had a great lesson with hmno robledo. he was just going off about how he felt like he got baptized too early, then we share alma 13:27-30 and it all made sense to him. it made me so happy that he finally understood. power of the spirit is real. Frankie had his first day of being sober!! wooo!! this guy we are teaching. he really wants to change and be better for his daughter and things are improving. E. Scott is learning and growing each day.
this one day we went by hmna Lara and asked her to come with us and invite her neighbors to church and the first door we go to she introduces us as Jehovas Witnesses.. in my mind i was like WHAT THE FREAK!! AH!! lol and after i told her haha. "hmna we arent jws" and she was like ahhhh did i say that?!?! i was just so nervous hahah we laughed about it. also E.Scott crashed on his bike again lol.. i took a corner and then all i heard was his body hitting the pavement lol haha i look back and he is picking up his bike haha. its been pretty dang hot and humid this last week!. we met this 2 guys from imperial valley ministries, they are recovered drug addicts that raise money to help other drug addicts and help get them off of the streets. they stood out in the sun for like 6 hours. i dont know how they are still alive. later we visited the mackenzie family and that was super interesting..they referred us to their neighbor so we head on over and as we pull up i start talking to my comp about the last visit and then all of a sudden the front door opened. right away i asked hEYYY can we sing you a song? she says yes and then i asked do you believe in god? and then she went on about how she is pretty sad right now cause the guy she is taking care of is in the hospital and will probably die soon. so we sand Venid A Cristo. and when we were done we continued to talk. the look in her eyes continued to change and then she started to cry as she told us all of her beliefs and as we told her of the restoration and the book of mormon. there was just a happiness inside her. I know that she could feel the spirit, we gave her a book of mormon and she was very happy to start reading it. Something similar to this happened the other day just up the road. while w were testifying and explaining the gospel the look in their eyes is just something else. I feel like their spirit inside is just rejoicing and screaming in happiness. its so AWESOME!!! later that night we had dinner at hmna grimsley's and she was telling us about this friend she used to have but hasnt gone to church in a while. so we go over with her to visit this menos activo and we show up and they are having a quinceanera or however you spell it and we find the hmna and start talking and then hmna grimsley comes over to talk. in the past they had beef thats why she wasnt really friends with her anymore....and a little old women fight almost broke out so we quickly left.. but dang.. we dont have time like that to be bent out of shape. theres more important things to worry about than someone not returning your phone calls. Please have charity and in all situations wwjd. and if you have a hard time being nice.. pray to be more charitable. theres a better life out there. WAKE UP WAKE UP!! go and get it!! what are you waiting for!! just go do it!! but other than that all is well. happy early fathers day to my dad! he's the best! i miss you papi! we'll start Monk over and go for bike rides when i get back. thanks for always loving me even when i never came home and cut my hair. have a rad week guys. i know i will.
sleepy kitty
scotty boy with hmna grimsley

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