Monday, June 6, 2016

My Own Prison

mmmmm what to say.
well a while ago we had been teaching this lady named Elisa and her son Omar. well yesterday during studies idk why but a few peoples names randomly popped into my head when i was reading about nephi building a boat. and one of the names was Elisa. i was thinking like wow thats weird.. maybe we should pass by them. So later we went to pass by. I banged on the door and quickly she opens and was like ahhh how are you. and we just talked for a little while and apparently we came just in time cause a lot of weird things have been going on in their house. one of her kids fell back into old ways and also just weird pentagram stuff going on and weird voices. We were like woahhhh well are you glad we are here then. so we picked them back up and will be visiting them often. also yesterday we were riding our bikes.. and i was just hauling it down this road. i always ride fast.. cause.. why ride slow.. so i was hauling it down this road and hit this little hill in the side walk, you can hit it like a jump. well i went off of it and kept riding and then i was like... i should probably look back and see if mijo is close are far behind me.. and i look back.. and he is on the ground.. hahahahahah! ahh what a trooper haha. apparently he tried to do the same thing as well but just ate it and tore his suit pants.. not his pros pants.. his suit pants.. ahh man his first sunday in Laredo haha it was hilarious. we laughed about it and kept going. que mas que mas.. we went digging this morning and i found out my son doesnt like to dig. so yeahhh but the rest of the apartment does. i'll have more to write about next week for sure. the mission is great and just following the spirit really helps. yesterday after our church and inbetween our next branch we were going to go to we decided to go wake up this guy that lives by the church and invite him to church. well he wasnt there but on the way back to the church this member saw us walking and picked us up and we went to go pick up his friends and bring them to church. none of them came but i was a start. our investigator frankie is progressing and same with Kerry, we had a miracle of 2 random people coming to church so that was super awesome. my son is growing so much its awesome and we also found 2 members that havent been to church in forever and that dont have their records over here in Laredo. blessings!! i think thats all for now have a rad week and be safe out there. i love you all. oh also dont be scared to share your testimony. we contacted this door and the lady was very bitter and just went off on how sad she was that we were missionaries for the lds church and that we need to find truth. it was a perfect opportunity to share my testimony. and thats all we did and left. ahh one more thing that ive learned a lot of.. is... just be chill.. justttttt be chill..and enjoy life and learn from it.. dont hold yourself back from learning and growing no one is perfect. todo esta bien..thanks for the support guys!
we walked up to a door and there was like 10 cats outside haha.
my papi, me and my son
scott with his ripped pants and the little hill in the sidewalk behind him. lol hahaha
digging this morning.
mijo enjoying the dig

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