Monday, June 20, 2016

Clear the Lane

everything is good in Laredo texas! i have tons to say but no time. had lots of spiritual experiences. i just have one thing truly to say. Read Helamen 5. also i went on an exchange with E.Watchorn and while we were riding out bikes i got hit by a car.. lol. i was praying that my bike wasnt messed up. i just picked it up and we kept riding. the rim is a little bent but i am good. as we rode of the driver rolled down the window and yelled for us to come back. she was so sad and scared..and started crying.. and guess what. she turned into a potential and the missionaries are going to visit her. i have to go now. it got to about 108 on day oh my!! i think i was dead haha but it was fun! we got lots of free water. the mission is the best!! thanks for all of the support i'll have more to write next week okay. hope you guys all had a good fathers day. dont forget Helamen 5
mijo playing musical chairs. he won. ahh so proud. 

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