Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Leave The Light On

had a bomb week. The Lara's have been coming to church and Ariel is getting baptized next sunday. Super proud and happy for mijo. Casa Blanca is changing a ton . Laredo in general.
Found this guy named Dustin we were try to pass by this super less active and ended up finding Dustin he was man i really want to get closer to go and even get baptized cause i never have. he was like this isnt a coincidence at all that you guys came today and knocked on my door. YES Lets go!! haha hes awesome! We had a ton of help this week. had a super hard greenie moment this week as well. we were in a trio with E. Ault and we were visitng hmna Mata and her grandaughter and we were talking and everything was going great and then she started to tear up a little and we kept teaching then i asked if she would want jesus christ to be her best friend and then she just burst into tears... i was lost.. and was thinking what did i do. I look at my companions for help cause i had been talking the whole time and everyone just looked back at me.. I look at mijo and all he does is look at me and look back at them and then didnt say anything. ahh it was so strange and weird. we learn so much everyday haha. We also met Javier this week, a super dope guy and we are cutting his lawn, i'll explain next week why its been taking forever. i dont have a lot of time rn to write. So this guy named alexis got baptized last week and we were visiting an hmna in our area and he was there cause he is dating her granddaughter. well alexis is 18 and we talked about the blessings from the baptism and then something random came up about being soldiers as we are dressed up in a white shirt and tie. we then went off on how great the mission is and how we are good soldiers of jesus christ. i think i remember saying that a ton when i was a greenie back in portland. We Are Gods Army. and in that moment that we were talking about the things you learn on the mission i actually realized how usefull all of this for the rest of our lives. and we just pumped him up for a mission and thinks itd be awesome to go. The gospel is here for us. Take advantage of it okay!! dont let it just be that thing in your life. make it your life!!! just do it!! we also got a random call last week that this guy was in the hospital and he asked for the elders to go visit him. so we raced over there and it was a former that acosta and i had. hes not a member but he asked for a blessing like 20% of his heart was working and he was about to have some procedure done. so we give him the blessing.. and wow the spirit is great. after every blessing we give i am like super sweaty and tired. it reminds me of all of those people who have visitations of angels or just get right into the gospel in the book of mormon, the spirit is so great and strong that they go right to sleep. that made me realize why my greenie is always sleepy hahah is cause the change that he made from at home to the mission field. the spirit is so great we should all feel it everyday. I love you all and pleaseeeee read the book of mormon! it'll change your life!!

also write me letters too thatd be rad:D

6402 Mcpherson Road apt#54
Laredo, Tx 78041
I love Laredo!!
lol mijo puttin in work! he's a stud.
JW blitz we came across
 Javiers Lawn
members pitbull
too good to be true. Milagro find just thought id let you guys know

I'll send more pics next week. I love you all. I really do.

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