Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Terrible Things 12-19-16

its been a solid week. lots of improvement. one thing ive learned a lot of is how important it is to be humble toward your companion. humble enough to tell them you are struggling with something and need your advice or help. dont keep it inside. theres people there for a reason. its been super good. this transfer has been amazing. its really close to the end. we met this guy who was super anti, its been forever since thats ever happened. it was crazy. the church is true. we had a zone conference this week and i love nothing more than meetings and interviews. so much revelation and just amazing things come from each of them. everyone was told in their interviews if they were staying or leaving their area except messinger and i. sooo we'll see what happens. messingers bike tire popped. so we got to walk around which is super nice. so we had a christmas dinner this last saturday and we printed off flyers earlier in the week to pass out. we were walking down the street and this man was coming our way.."perfect".. so i started talking to him and he says oh yeah im a member" yay thats sick" he then said he was offended a while back and wasnt planning on returning. he then said but i love to help out in any way. i then asked him to bring chips to the dinner.... he hesitated for a moment but then said yes.. and he didnt bring them dangit!! haha soo close haha. so at the zone conference president was talking a lot about family history and said because i was going to the temple that it would be great to take a name.. i thoguth about it and it sounded awesome. so the next day i went for it!! i did some family history and found a name to take:) later that day we were rollin aroudn with brother webb a very elderly painter. we went to visit Epi campos and his family the man that i spoke about in my last email. we visited them and had a super bomb lesson and met another couple in that house that is way interested!! the lord is marvelous. that night we went to sinton to spend the ngiht so i could get picked up in the morning to go to the temple. the next day Brother Muhammad picked me up and we took off to San Antonio which by the way isnt in my mission boundaries but we only get to go if its for the temple. as we were approaching the city i started to realize how crazy cities are and how bad i wanted to return to Beeville. San Antonio was awesome and all but man its super different it scared me..well we got to the temple and it was super foggy, i saw my papi Elder Anderson he came up from Zapata which is 4 hours from san antonio just south of Laredo. it was super dope to see a few members from portland. the stake president walked up to us and asked us where our wives were.. i look at anderson like.. what the heck.. ha ha .. everyone thought we had finished our missions and gone home. but man so brother muhammad and his wife went through for the first time and it was amazing!! it was really awesome. so since ive been here every sunday we take the sacrament to a sister in a nursing home. she has been a member for a long time and her father was a patriarch and her family was just very active but her.. she was an elderly woman and every time we took her the sacrament she always expressed to us how much she regrets not going to church when she could and now that she was sick she wasnt able to. it was very sad..she really wished that she could go and she would cry every time..well this last week..the sisters went to go visit her..and found out that she had passed away unexpectedly the day before..when the whole ward found out it broke everyones heart. i remember times before the mission when i wouldnt go cause i was stupid and just felt that things in my life were more important than the things of the lord. oh man was i wrong. dont let this time pass on without renewing your promise you made with God. hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. I miss you all.
the house we are helping build
haha idk why but when i look at this i just burst out laughing haha
couches we found round 2
friendship goals
this banner made me think of my Grandma Gonzalez, i remember getting gummy worms, big tight hugs and raspberries on my neck from her. I miss her dearly
the last one is a christmas pic sneak peek. chao!!

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