Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Go Back 12-26-16

we had the christmas conference with the whole mission. it was fun and good to see everyone. we left at 6am to get there on time.. it started at 10am. i got to see Barnett it was good to hear the update on mercedes. there were skits form each zone and a majority of them just grilled President Torres it was hilarious. pres thought it was funny he was recording everything. we did ours with Corpus zone and just did What Are the Odds with the things form the bible or book of mormon like eve eating the fruit, i was lot and told my wife to look back and she lost.. hah the funniest was nephi talking to god admiring the white skinned nephites, then they played what are the odds if god would turn them black... he lost and then all the black/brown people in our zones walked up on stage hahah. something im continuing to learn through out my mission is peace or pride, which do you want? listen with a humble heart. we were told that we are getting ipads in 2017:/ eeek.. and we are watching star wars episode VII today and finding dory next p day. que rad right!! we had a few christmas miracles. ahh so much to right.. my compa's package got to the mission home to late so he wouldnt get it until nxt month.. well a member in Weslaco that we served with brought it up, how awesome. the other one was. we went to go by epi and his fam and we were speaking to eva and then all of a sudden her husband comes outside and yelled at us and told us to leave..and said they had their own religion and it made me pretty bummed cause his wife really wants to come to church cause she knows itll help them... well we had to leave cause the guy was ready to beat us up hah. on the way to our next appointment we saw this older woman walking so we start talking to her but she doesnt want to talk at alllll we ask if we could help her and she says are you god? i said no but we're representitives of Jesus Christ.. she stopped and chuckled then walked into her house.. while that was going on this guy down the street waved us down and asked for a book and told us he just got out of the hospital and wants to change his life and get baptized gave us his info and told us to come over. how awesome! yesterday when we were getting home we had a ton of food from all the places that we were at.. there was this guy walking in our apartment complex, asked him if he wanted a apple pie he said oh yeah any thing would be ncie..so we gave him all of our food. there was sooo much to carry he could barely see infront of him. his arms were full!! and he was so grateful cause his wife and little baby are ging through a hard time. that honeslty made my christmas day. it was fun! the mission is dope, relax..idk what else to say. trust in the lord and he will guide you. dont be prideful,, itll only make things harder.
ugly sweaters
Chicken Little (Barnett)
An elder impersonating president Maluenda and then later Torres
push up contest
popping balloons
Chess club
cookie exchange at our apartment complex
trippy clouds
christmas eve as a zone

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