Monday, January 9, 2017

Sound of the 7th Trump

pretty crazy week, saw Finding Dory last monday.. that was pretty sad at first but hilarious. it got to about 22 here and stayed in the 30's orale!! it should never get that cold here por lo menos like 70 or something. but its warming up. many great miracles have gone on this week. let me tell you of one from a couple weeks ago i forgot to share. so we got a call from an hmna, she said she was in the hospital and needed a blessing so we went over in the morning and this hmna is always in the hospital and sick.. anyway we go to the hospital and knock on the door and walk in. she is laying there coughing and just not feeling good. we talk to her for 10 minutes then we give her the blessing. all is well and we are about to head out.. thats when she says.. "elders did you guys put on a gown and gloves before you came in the room?" i look at messi like.. what.... we tell her what gown and gloves.. she says yeah there should be some on the door, youre not supposed to come in until you put them contagious my compa and i look at eachother like great!! haha perfect hahah yeah we look on the door and there they are.. like most hospital doors. and hey a week later we are still alive!:) we got to do lots of service this week. the coolest thing ever we got to help knock down a trailer. im sorry i guys i dont have much to say all i can say is that im reading so much! i read and read and read,you wouldnt believe it but i love reading!!!! my compa and i love eating food. i went to a meeting in mcallen and saw elder Barnett, he's all grown up and now a district leader in brownsville its about 4 hours from beeville. wow guys im really sorry i dont have much to say. all i really want to share with you guys is now is the time to prepare. dont give up and plan with the spirit.
trailer trash

somebody got their eye poked out
in tha ghetto nothin but tha ghetto

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