Tuesday, January 3, 2017

No News is Good News 1-2-17

so Messinger and I are staying another here in Beeville. it was kind of a shocker. we saw star wars last p day it was pretty sad when han solo died.. i was hoping for the best:/ hahah, pretty sick. we will be watching finding dory today. we are really trying to get this ward going and just build our friendship with everyone. cant believe its 2017. all i really want to say is communication is everything. be open about whats bothering you, just be honest, humble and open. we all have a Goliath in our life. i was reading this book by thomas s monson and it talked about how we all have a Goliath in our life we are david and he chose 5 stones. Courage, Effort, Humility, Prayer, and Love of Duty. times are hard. be strong and of good courage. the lord is on our side and He loves us. my compa and i decided we really needed to serve the members more. so we have little plans for each of them in our area. we set out to do the first one. there is a menos activo taht has been out of town for a while and we thought, what a great surprise itd be to come home to a nicely cut lawn. we thought we can probably just ask a neighbor for their lawn mower and cut it... sounds pretty simple right.. welllll there was literally no one that had a working lawn mower on the whole street!! we finally found someone and it was already dark, we tried to jumpstart the mower cause the battery was bad and no luck.. so we took a dull push mower from the 70's and it was impossible!! we just wanted to serve this guy come on! we walk a lot cause my compas bike is out of commission. it really helps us keep good unity. its pretty weird that its 2017.. church was good we were sitting with our bishop talking to him after sacrament and an old investigator showed up randomly!! yay!! it was awesome. also i thought itd be a pretty cool idea to try out white strips before church for the first time ever.. i did it and left them in for the amount of time it asks for. and i swear it was a little rough day. my teeth then killed for the whole day. i tried to get a butter knife out of the drawer and all the metal was clanging together and that noise almost killed it ahhhh.. every thing just hurt my teeth, the wind, a car driving by, utensils and plates, i couldnt even wash dishes hahaha and the whole time my comp is just laughing cause i can barely talk cause any bit of air hurt my teeth.. haha it was a great experience haha. things are good. be safe out there guys and choose the right. have fun and just be you.
this chair is a little malito hahah everytime i see it, it just makes me laugh.
giving our investigators son a fade hahah
limo status, this guy stopped us and said he had a limo service so we had to check them out
el oh el
the best burgers are made here
jump starting the mower 
final resort 
christmas candy stew.. it was pretty toxic 
stuntin is a habbit "butterfly doors" lol

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