Thursday, March 30, 2017

When I Get Drafted

San Benito "Resaca City"
it was a crazy few days at the beginning of the week, drove to the valley for transfers, pretty sad leaving messinger but im now with frandsen. he is from Lehi Utah and also a big swimmer, he wants to be a dentist and he loves cars and candy hahah. he's honestly a blessing from the lord, this area is amazing. we went to this active members home for dinner my first day and i almost cried.. literally.. they asked me to say the prayer and i got all nervous for some reason. I guess its been a while since ive been around a family like that.. i cant even explain it.. it was awesome. being in beeville is like living in a tent with barely enough water each day, coming here was like a culture shock lol but its awesome!! theres just elder frandsen and i and then 4 sisters in our district and we all live in san benito the rest of our zone is up north. we drive a car, i really miss riding my bike (stephanie). we visited this guy who just casually told us about how his weekend was and how he snorted some coke and had a seizure,, he took it as a sign that he is getting old lol.. San Benito is a trip and he came to church on sunday!! this place is called resaca city cause there is a big resaca in the city, its just a body of water, thats it lol. we had this bomb lesson with a family come to find out they knew where beeville was cause they were sent to prison there. you know the people here are great and very welcoming. theres lots of santa muerte and weird encounters we've had since ive come here. frandsen said that he has never had so much of it until i got here and also the amount of food that is coming our way. miracles on miracles!! we had a media referral for a women that wanted a book of mormon so we went over saturday and met her. her name is georgina and we talked to her and gave her the book and then bam! she came to church the next day and loved it!!:)
so we've been running around to meet peeps and members and then while going around we got a crazy angry phone call from a member and her investigator boyfriend and it was all crazy, drugs were mention and long story short we saw her later that night and she kneeled before the lord and poured her heart out it was great! everyone has their struggles. and its important that you know where to turn to. my compa has this thing where he knocks down wasps nests as part of doing a good turn daily. lol we stopped by this members house and they had one lol. it was hilarious.
Isaiah 48:10 look it up!!
found out Shemone and Samia were baptized in Beeville on sunday. super sweet!! messinger called me and we talked about it for a bit. the mission is the best!!

send letters yo, missionaries love letters.
Elder Raul Gonzalez
200 W La Vista Ave
McAllen, TX 78501-2131

Big House Burger if you ate the whole thing it was free, if not you had to pay..
i had to pay:/
Elder Sierra and i, he's a stud!!
Final Beeville branch FHE, the man in black is Louie
San Benito Dream
Elder Seth Anderson went home this last week:/
the only swimming we can do
dem rims doe
so sick lol
mission dream (blessings)
old resaca.. cool right?
pre wasp smack 
lol these are all over here

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