Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Are you Happy Now? 5/8/17

so we cover a 3rd of an english ward and then we are over a whole spanish ward, the area is big but its pretty fun so far. wow theres so many thing i want to write about but really i just want to talk about this man named Pedro.

so we are doing this retention plan for all recent converts and just helping the build a firm foundation on the gospel well my compa and i also presented a plan to the lord of houses that we will contact and we were out and about doing that while trying to pass by the recent converts. well one of the thing is knocking houses with christmas lights. youd be surprised that we've actually been coming across a lot of houses like that and we knocked this one and this woman answered the door and she was pretty sick and not really interested..but she said her husband has been looking for a church and we were like dope!! we got their info to come by later when her husband was home. well we tried by later y nada. sunday came and we tried by and nada again. well we called and nothing, so we texted her saying hey dont forget to remind your husband about church and what time it starts. as we are sitting in church this guy walks in, kinda not sure where to sit but he sits down and then just then we got a text from her saying hey i told my husband, he should be there, we are like no way!! so i go sit next to him and its her husband, how awesome!! he loved it and we set a baptismal date with him later. he's awesome!!

another cool thing that happened. on our way to coordination this guy had a truck filled with mangos and fruit and all his mangos spilled all over the street there were people getting out of their cars to help him and so we get out as well and then he let us take a box of mangos home. this place is awesome! and all the sisters and elders in the zone are great!! its been quite the transition but its been good. they are all going crazy on family history here!! the mission is awesome.

San Benito District
a Fidget or whatever you call them, they are the thing to have now i guess.
Bro Vela, I miss that guy:/
The Cuevas and Ericka
Elder Gunderson and I (the appendix guy)
we feel super chiflado..

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