Wednesday, May 31, 2017

27th Street 5/15/17

went on an exchange in Rio Grande City this last week, it is about an hour from out area and it was a great experience we were able to find long lost members, we contact a referral and found out that its actually a member that hasnt been to church in a while and hasnt had any contact so it was awesome to finally make the connection again. those are some of my favorite moments when youre just following the spirit and you come across someone who hasnt seen missionaries in a long time. we had another experience kinda like that where it truly testified that we were instruments in the lords hands. we had just got done visiting a member and contact a few referrals and then we decided to say prayer because all of our plans fell. so we prayed and then started driving and we turned a few blocks and then we parked in front of an apartment building and then shortly after that this white truck pulled up in front of us. as we were sitting there this woman walked up to the white truck in front of us and she was in tears holding her little baby boy. we immediately got out and started talking to her she was just in tears and we said a prayer with her and she calmed down and said there were some crazy things going on in her family. her son was 4 months old and we just testified of what we know is true and she totally changed her mood and said we could come back again later. after that we were like woah..the gospel is so true. we've been going hard with family history and we came across this member who has done nothing and she's the only member in her family also her and her husband want to be sealed! how sick! we are super pumped to help them get prepared. also we are working in helping this member come back to church, he has 3 purple hearts from the army. things are poppin here mostly in genealogy also Pedro is super pumped to be baptized this saturday, he even brought his father in law to church and he loved it. mothers day was dope, the primary in one of the wards sang a sweet song, i cant remember what its called but i remember how i felt when they sang it and to be honest i almost wanted to cry cause it really helped me remember how much my mom means to me and just all of the things ive learned from her. one thing in particular is prayer. as a child she would kneel down with me and help me learn to pray when i was a lil dude, she also used to always wear this mickey mouse watch that would play music and i loved hearing it. my mom is the best and im so thankful for all the things she has sacrificed for my siblings and i. she's the best and i miss her a ton:) gracias mami, te amo!!

You already know its goin down when missionaries go to a buffet with a member. (4 plates or nah)
Elder Newns and I ( he's from Orem)
Pretty intimidating
Post visit
Rio Dog
Feliz Dia De Las Madres
part of the squad

also something super cool, i live literally a minute from the border and the entry into Reynosa Mexico.

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