Friday, May 12, 2017

Situations 5/1/17

quote of the week, "you can draw a horse to the water but you cant force it to drink" also another one, "always pray before you knock a Trap Hou$e"

after 6 wonderful weeks here in San Benito it is coming to an end. we are being white washed. Elder Frandsen is going to Robstown in Sinton zone and i am going to Hidalgo as a zone leader there where my new companion will be Elder PiƱeres and we will be white washing that area. but great news i found out my old companion elder Messinger is coming from beeville to San benito, how rad right? the mission is so wonderful you know. the other day we were walking down the street and just enjoying the mission talking to people and this soccer mom in her van drove by and we happily waved and she just flipped the bird, how lovely. lol i went on an exchange with Elder Puga. this whole week was actually a blur one scripture that really helped us and i enjoy reading in my mind is jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can i say more?" just serve the lord. just do it!! we've been doing lots of service lately which has been great. we had some extra time before a cita and we decided to knock a few house in the area and so we said a prayer and went straight to it. we knocked a few houses y nada and then we heard some kids yelling in a house and we went and knocked the door of the house and a women opened up and within seconds invited us in and gave us water and asked how long we've been on our mission. we were in shock like woah, who are you? come to find out she's the daughter of a LA member we are working with and she used to go to church. they invited us to visit them again. i did a couple interviews for the sisters in my district and while i was interviewing the father of this family i had deja vu and it was just a really cool experience hearing their testimonies and just seeing how the gospel can change peoples lives. we also had the privilege of having lunch at The Gold Palms (a retirement center) there is a sister that lives there and she invited us over for lunch, it was dope. its honeslty the best retirement center ever! we were out contacting later in the week and we knocked a door and this guy just gave me a dallas cowboys thermos. its starting to hit 100's que bendicion right? haha its great. another cool experience we were also walking down another street and this little boy saw us from down the street and waved at us to come over. as we walked over his mother bolted inside and he stayed outside even though his mother was yelling at him. he must have been around 3 or 4 yrs old and he stayed outside, he couldnt speak a whole lot, well he was speaking so fast cause he was so happy we were there. he ran in to get his mom and she wouldnt come, we gave him a card with our info then left inside. and so we left and we were just 3 feet outside their gate and we hear the door bust open and there he was trying to show his older brother us.. he tried to avoid us be realized that we saw him so he came out. we talked to him just a kid in highschool and yeah later came to find out that they are members that havnt gone in a long time..I truly believe that, that little boy truly knows who we are. if it wasnt for him we wouldnt have found them. children are so awesome. i am so thankful for this opportunity.. i wouldnt trade it for anything. many times have we showed up at the right place at the right time when someone needed a prayer or just spiritual strength and just anything.
The Fam: Elder Flannery, Pollito (Barnett), Me y Elder Scott
Arroyo City
Mr. G's Pickadily
The Golden Palms with sister Flannery
The Golden Palms
The dopest family in San Benito: Mario, Patty y Blanca
best dog in the world, he just chills on this corner allll year. 
left a message for someone who wouldnt open the door, just wanted to make sure they got the message. 
resaca sun set:/ 
Mission humor 
made me think of my dad
very true 
K onda?

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