Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Choose to Stay 5/22/17

Pretty solid week..just a few things, making plans and presenting them to the lord is everything. we've been doing that and we've been finding genuine people that want to come closer to christ. i sat in on this district meeting this last week and they were talking about comp inventory and we really talked about the importance of being open with your companion. first things first im gratfeul for all the companions ive had and have and the help ive received and also been a part of. being open is very important, clean up something small from the beginning so you dont have to pick up a great mess later. cut the fluff and get to it! we came across this guy named fernando so we were actually looking for this member so we parked the truck on a random street near by where we thought the house was. walked down a block and no luck so we walked back to the car but as we were walking back we noticed this guy shooting hoops out front of his house, we didnt see before. we started talking to him, next thing you know we had one of the best plan of salvation lessons, he's a stud and actually wants to find joy in this life, we later had a bomb lesson with this member family, we shared about the importance of genealogy and temple work and at the end the brother was like "wow this is a big sign from the lord, my pb talks about me doing lots of geneaolgy and i kinda felt that i should get a start on it, thank you" we were amazed. we later had a great lesson with Pedro he is excited to someday preach the gospel as well, during the lesson i had crazy deja vu and in that moment my heart was filled with the spirit but i truly knew we were exactly where we needed to be at. it was a moment i hope to never forget. we also had interviews with Presidente Torres, in my interview i asked him if i could call President Robertson my old mission president from argentina, he straight up looked him up and gave him a answer.. my heart was racing but president torres gave me his email. i really just wanted to thank him for calling me this one sunday, this one sunday after i had gotten home from argentina, i skip out on church and stayed home.. as i was home alone someone called our house phone and i picked it up and i heard, hello is this elder gonzalez, i said yes and then it ended up being president robertson just calling to make sure i made it home fine and that i was doing well. what a great guy you know. Just serve the lord, open your heart and give it your all, dale gas as they say you know. we really learned alot about having faith, just have an single particle of faith and your life can change and your belief and testimony can grown. I know christ lives, countless times have testimonies been jabbed and beat up, stand strong and remember who you stand for,
Deuteronomy 31:6

Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

the Lord knows our heart and what we can do. dont let him down.
we also learned that at one time for a month straight border patrol was catching 1200 illegals a day.. A DAY!! its dropped down to 600 a day, and its kinda getting slower now that Trump is president so on a busy day they might catch 400. also that there is about 35 tons of marijuana being smuggled across the border every week in Rio Grande City, its a city in our zone and BP is usually only able to catch 1.5 tons of it a month. lol do the math.

a lot of other crazy cool stuff went down but most importantly Pedro stepped into the waters of baptism and we had a recent convert of 3 months baptize him!!

only in south texas
Border Patrol Boats
see that fence in the back, yeah the other side is Reynosa
Me, Karim (RC), Pedro, mi compa
so fuzzy
the water legit has blue dye in it

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