Thursday, March 30, 2017

Aliens Exist - 2/20/17

there is a super chill song that came to my mind during this week. its called Everything by Limp Bizkit and in the background it says go with your heart.. thats what for some reason has been helping. going with our hearts, mas amor. every night and through out the day i pour my heart out. its not about me. this one afternoon i was sitting in the gym in our complex waiting for my compa to get out of the bathroom and this super tall guy walked in and said "Yo i just got out the county jail and i want to give you this" and then handed me a cross made out of like a shoe lace. He said " I made it in jail and felt that i should give it to you" then i gave him a picture of jesus and he left and disappeared. we later went to Lorenzo's who is a very old member and needed help cutting some branches that were hanging over his house. one thing i love about being a missionary is youre instantly qualified and licensed to do literally anything. putting up drywall, laying tile or asphalt, cutting down trees, moving, literally name it and we'll do it. well we are at Lorenzo's and he is a half blind man and there are branches falling every where and he just wants to be in all the action. we told him hey stay put cause things are falling but continued to wander, not to mention he is very deaf. there were angels in the yard that day protecting him. this one branch nearly took his life. Later we were visiting an hmno who is super less active and he was having a sad day and we gave him a hug. he was super happy to see us and hasnt been to church in 17 years. well guess what. he showed up this sunday!! ahhh!!:) we've really been trying to strengthen the ward. we went by bro lugo who is a guitar wizard. then alicia the woman who just moved from fairbanks alaska, she really wants us to get the devil out of her nieces and nephew. then we went to a sisters house who is also very less active and she gave us like 45 roll of papel de baƱo, yeah that was fun riding home with on my bike haha and she came to church on sunday !!!! ahhhh!! we really saw and are seeing the lords hand more and more. someone asked me recently if i feel like im being my true self.. i thought for a moment wanting to say yeah, its weird for me to answer that cause for so long i was someone im not anymore. from the things ive learned and learning theres no way i could be the old me. so yes i am myself, but not my old self. on saturday we were preparing for the baptism of Moises and Diana, we tried to get the font ready but the only the hot water worked and the temp kept rising. finally we got everything done and it was around 6pm we started biking to the Cervantes and this lady waved us down saying she needed to talk to us, she pulled over and we started talking to her and came to find out she's been talking to the misisonaries on for the last 3 weeks. theres been a lot happening to her and she has a 9 year old son. she wants to be baptized on her birthday so we set the date for march 7th! MOISES AND DIANA stepped into the firey waters of baptism yesterday!! setting the example for their children. the water was super hot cause we didnt figure out how to work the cold until near the end. it was awesome!!! after the baptism we came home and i laid in my bed for a moment cause it was just so awesome, i was feeling alright and as i was laying in bed this came to my head. it was read at the baptism and it said "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God"D&C18:10
everything has such a greater meaning as the mission goes on. we were imagining the baptism during sacrament and we both felt nervous for some reason. well back to me laying in bed.. after that thought, the spirit overcame my heart and i felt the saviors love more than ever. the beeville ward is full of old people and we just got word that another member will be passing away soon.. the Cervantes family is the new beginning. near the end of the night last night we visited that investigator that waved us down.. well she is a heavy smoker and coffee drinker.. and she said she would want to stop them and we said alright cool well where is everything and then she told us where everything of cigarettes was and coffee was. then we asked her to close her eyes and then we grabbed everything and put it in a trash bag and then gave her a blessing because she is getting injections at the doctors today. and she was all happy and excited to quit everything and make a new start in her life and so we left and threw everything away. well we get home and literally 5 minutes after being home we get a super angry text from her wanting her cigarettes back, and phone calls all last night. everything will workout. express your gratitude to someone today.
a picture of that cat i sent last week, literally the next day.
beautiful texas
Chole and I
Chloe and I <3
Hunting Truck
never enough cheese
weekly service
at Lorenzo's
R.I.P. weedeater, got hit by a huge branch

orphan dog, we've been trying to catch her but no luck.. she wonders around our apartment complex and gets in all the trash. we call her Lucy
Chapala, we've eaten at almost every place in Beeville.
w/ dominic and Isaac
so goofy
abigail, she's crazy!! haha
The Cervantes Family!!:)

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