Thursday, March 30, 2017

Kerplunk - 2/27/17

well.. we were visiting Alicia and her nieces and nephews, well the cable guy was fixing some stuff in the living room where we were all sitting and we taught the kids how to pray and they all prayed.. near the end it was just a Q and A and then we looked at the cable guy and asked him if he had any questions..... he then went off on asking the most solid questions one after another and Alicia was testifying and everything.. the spirit filled the room it was amazing and the sister missionaries are now working with him. something came to my mind during this week and its "always be a nice dog willing to learn new tricks" as the mission goes on some people get into a routine of things and almost have a mental break down when opposition comes their way. try new things. the Lord always provides a way. i went on an exchange with elder mcloughlin in Robstown.. and wow that was an adventure. its ghetto and reminds me of Mercedes. we had a few lessons in spanish and honestly those lessons made me super happy cause we never find anybody that speaks spanish in beeville. while on that exchange i got a call from my companion. im not sure if you guys remember but a few months ago messinger and i were working with a couple named Michelle and Charlie and they progressed and wanted to be baptized but they werent married.. and then lessons slowly fell and so we dropped them.. well messinger got a call from her of michelle saying " hey guess where we are at? we are at the court house and we just got married. come over tonight" so messinger went over and they want to be baptized and they came to church on sunday ahh it was such a miracle!!:) the next day there was a funeral for the sister that passed away. the whole sacrament room was filled there was well over 100 people. messinger and i were just imagining how crazy itd be if there was this many people at church. it was really sad though and reminded me a lot of my grandma passing away, i almost wanted to cry but i know my grandma and the sister are doing great things!! i really am grateful for the plan of salvation. on saturday it was a crazy busy day. we went out to the scotts to help unload 500 sheets of drywall into their house they are building.. 500 SHEETS!! it was a little tough but fun! that took a while, we then came home and got ready for the baptism of MARIAH, ISAIAH and ANGELINA. Isaiah is 11 and has down syndrome..i sat in his living room and went over on what was going to happen in the baptism and after i was kneeling down show him..he just gave me a huge hug. he was just so happy and excited. while he was waiting to be baptized he gave his sister Angelina a big hug after she was baptized.. so precious. they are so great! our bodies were beat from the drywall. i just hope and pray to continue enduring in the spirit doing all we can. on sunday the Cervantes family was all confirmed together! to be honest it was my first time confirming someone. i always had my sons do it before so they could experience it as a greenie. But it was such a great experience. Im so grateful to have been a part of it. later Moises the father got the priesthood.!! do things out of love.
I didnt know Beeville could be beautiful.
this is Rambo
giving Haygen a fade again
the boys
pre bautismo
look at all those sheets
mejor amigos

also dont be surprised if in every picture you see that elder messinger and I are wearing the same tie. we have been wearing the same one for the past few weeks until someone says something about it hahaha.

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