Thursday, March 30, 2017

Give Me Fuel - 3/20/17

first things first we got a call last night before we went to bed and i found out im being transfered to San Benito in Harlingen. its about 3 hours south of Beeville, we honeslty couldnt sleep at all last night it was no bueno. change is weird but its good for you hahah.

we went out to visit pebbles and another potential family and got rejected, so sad. weighed myself and found out im 165 im losing weight for some reason even though we eat like 5-6 times a day. we've been working a lot with the non member husband of a very active women and he's coming around. its so awesome to see how just loving someone being there for them can go a long way. we went out to Berclair after district meeting to visit this mansion that someone told us about, the Berclair mansion was built in the 20's by 5 sisters and they were all single and lived in there together. the town of Berclair is a small town very very small town. we went by to visit the a counselor and his wife. we kinda felt that they always were just pushing us away and never wanting to be around us for some reason.. well we swung by their house and they were there and so we did some service for them and ate their extra food and the wound was healed. miracles do happen guys! you see a lot of weird things. we came across this man walking down the street, he just got out of jail and was carrying a dead hawk. it was pretty strange and then we were riding our bikes down another road and we saw a deer carcass.. pretty weird but its beeville. we also found out my old comp Elder Gunderson is coming back to the mission tomorrow!!:) yay!! we also met this cool guy named Jason and he accepted a baptismal date and had another visit with Manuel, we are really trying to find more and do all that we can. what matters most to you? the mission is so awesome we were having dinner a a members house and just remember the first time we ate there when we got to beeville. theres a purpose behind everything. idk what else to say other than a change of heart is forever life changing. what more can i do, what more can i give. i once had an interview with presidente torres and during the interview he threw his hands in the air and said that people think he's crazy and that its true " i am crazy" there will always be opposition. Lamen and Lemuel thought their father was a visionary man, he was a prophet of god. life is good involve the lord more in your life. there was this quote that i read in the teachings of joseph smith that i liked and it said " The faithful do not murmur in affliction, but are thankful for God's goodness" just keep that in your mind and heart. also we had to go to corpus for Messingers bike and we stopped by portland on the way back. I miss being with my papi (Anderson) in portland
Berclair Mansion
The Sisters
Shemone and Samia
Kite boarders and refinery
Dream home 
 Portland again 

 triste im leaving 
 Bro Cherry's baby 

 Most Sick member!!
the walk from the church to our apartment 
 Beeville art museum 
 crusin down washington

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