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Por Ti Volare - 3/6/17

went out to the driving range last pday, it was a pretty good bonding moment lol. during that day i was sitting at my desk just praying in my heart while i was looking over some things and for some reason i felt , idk like as if the spirit was gone and i was just talking to heavenly father telling him that i truly just want to do whats right. thats all.. well in that moment i looked at my companion and had the craziest deja vu and since then ive had it a lot. i know our heavenly father never leaves us, even though sometimes it feels like we are all alone and you pray and you feel that nothing is helping. I feel that is when our heavenly father trusts us most. he trusts to make the right decisions regardless if the spirit prompted us. we all have our agency to do whats right so take action and do whats right. He trusts you. we were sitting in our room folding our clothes at the end of the night and deja vu hit me again.. i wanted to cry cause it was something i had a dream about. I know God lives. He is so merciful and we are so weak but through Him we can be made strong. Im super thankful for such a willing companion to work things out. you always hear stories of missionaries fighting and not agreeing with things and their unity is just awful. if it wasn't for open communication and just humility we both probably would've killed each other by now. Messinger is one of my best friends.
On wednesday we were at the scotts doing service. messinger had to climb on the roof of the great and spacious building to spray some rain guard... well while we were there we got a text from the APs telling us they wanted us in Mcallen thursday morning at 9:30am and that we would spend a day and a half in mcallen. so we live 3 hours from mcallen so we prepare everything to leave early that next morning. oh we also sang at a nursing home, it was pretty depressing but it was good hahaha. we then visited michelle to help her prepare to be baptized on saturday. the next day we got up super early to make our way to MLC in mcallen. we get there and it was awesome to see Barnett and other mission homies. President gave lots of good trainings that really changed my life, idk it was just a spiritual overload! that evening we all got directions and we blitzed Mission Zone, messinger and i went out and found some dope people, we met this historian that has been looking to read the book of mormon, and we found other families. it was so fun just being in a random part of the mission following the spirit. we literally knew nothing of the area. then we spent the night in the APs house with the harlingen leaders. the next morning we had a dodge ball tournament, zone vs zone. SINTON ZONE won!! we won 2 pies haha it was a slaughter and even presidente Torres played. well at the end of mlc we were waiting for the truck we came in to come back because the office took it to the shop to get the TIWI fixed. well we waited forever then finally at 4pm it came and then TIWI fell off so they told us to go back to the shop to fix it. we went back and it took 2 hours to fix it and just remember we had a 3 hour car ride to get to beeville. well after it was done we started heading for the freeway and just as we are about to get on.. the TIWI falls off.. so we turn around go to the shop and its closed:/ orale!! so we are told that we are going to have to spend the night and go to the shop in the morning. while this is all going on we are trying to get someone to go interview Michelle.. we thought we were going to be home.. so we are figuring stuff out and meet up with the APs. they then drop messinger and i off in a neighbor hood to go visit a potential. so just remember we literally know nothing about anything all we have is an address and the spirit. on the way to the address we come across this guy who was outside, super cool guy that was interested and then we make our way to the potential. knock the door and this lady opens it, cant really hear us and then we hear someone say "close the door" so then the lady slams the door and we are like well alright whatever, so we leave and the APS were going to pick us up so we walk to the meeting point and and its like 9:25pm and just as we get there we start talking about the day and what we could change and then a cop car pulls up and turns on his lights and gets out, and then a camera guy gets out with him. we both start laughing cause we have no idea whats going on. like where did you come from.. haha and then the cop asks us what we are doing, i look at messinger like is this guy serious.. well officer we are just here waiting for our ride. the guy was pretty chill and we asked if we were going to be on the show COPS cause he had a camera guy with him so maybe, but then 2 more cop cars show up and theres lights everywhere and people are coming out of their houses and im just like man where are those APs cause we need to get out of here haha everything was fine, the cops had just gotten a call that there was people knocking on doors asking the people inside if they were home alone. it was crazy hahah. later that night we find out that michelle passed her interview and she was super pumped!! well we finally leave the valley saturday morning close to noon. and on the way up we get a text from michelle saying that she doesnt want to get baptized anymore and just wants nothing to do at all. come to find out she got anti-ed pretty hard, like way hard!! ooohh el diablo. it was a crazy way to come home!! :/ later that night we were reading in first nephi in the chapter where his bow broke,well after nephis bow broke his brothers murmured and were all grumpy at him..and nephi kept a good attitude and made a new bow and asked his father where he should go to hunt.. and that literally was us.. man our main plan just went out the window.. we asked heavenly father where should we go to find those people who are prepared.. and last night we were headed to the hospital to visit a couple members that are in there and we stopped at this street and this pitbull kept barking and barking and then this guy opens his door and says hey give me a minute, comes out and just talks to us and wants us to come back.. ahh it was such a blessing. there was this story that i came across that i want to share with you guys.. ahh its good.

3 Nephi 5:13
"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life"

On one occasion during a severe storm, a ship was in distress, and a rowboat went out to rescue the crew of the fishing boat. The waves were enormous, and each of the men at the oars had to give all his strength and energy to reach the unfortunate sailors in the grim darkness of the night and the heavy rainstorm.

The trip to the wrecked ship was successful, but the rowboat was too small to take the whole crew in one rescue operation. One man had to stay behind on board because there simply was no room for him; the risk that the rescue boat would capsize was too great. When the rescuers made it back to the beach, hundreds of people were waiting for them with torches to guide them in the dreary night. But the same crew could not make the second trip because they were exhausted from their fight with the stormwinds, the waves, and the sweeping rains.

So the local captain of the coast guard asked for volunteers to make a second trip. Among those who stepped forward without hesitation was a nineteen-year-old youth by the name of Hans. With his mother he had come to the beach in his oilskin clothes to watch the rescue operation.

When Hans stepped forward his mother panicked and said, “Hans, please don’t go. Your father died at sea when you were four years old and your older brother Pete has been reported missing at sea for more than three months now. You are the only son left to me!”

But Hans said, “Mom, I feel I have to do it. It is my duty.” And the mother wept and restlessly started pacing the beach when Hans boarded the rowing boat, took the oars, and disappeared into the night.

After a struggle with the high-going seas that lasted for more than an hour (and to Hans’s mother it seemed an eternity), the rowboat came into sight again. When the rescuers had approached the beach close enough so that the captain of the coast guard could reach them by shouting, he cupped his hands around his mouth and called vigorously against the storm, “Did you save him?”

And then the people lighting the sea with their torches saw Hans rise from his rowing bench, and he shouted with all his might, “Yes! And tell Mother it is my brother Pete!”

its time to think outwardly and not inwardly and consider what our heavenly father wants of us. i know God lives and the more you disobey the more miserable you will be. be happy and do whats right and your happiness and peace in this life will forever increase.
Punk Rock Bowl
Scotts Great And Spacious Building
Pozole (my favorite)
MLC games
Pre Blitz
Barnett and Valdeezy (I miss my son so much:/)
the Torres graveyard, bikes of missionaries sent home.
Camera guy

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